Ehpad et hôpitaux nivernais prêts à affronter la vague de chaleur

Heat wave – nursing homes and hospitals in Neverne are ready to face the heat wave

Better organization. improved monitoring. The procedures are modified every year. François Carinthe, Director General of Administrative Services, repeats the matter: the deadly summer of 2003 enabled us to draw certain lessons.

France will hit a severe and lasting heat wave all week long

Today, nursing homes and hospitals in Nivernais are ready to provide the best protection for the most vulnerable people. Each institution has a protocol that takes into account the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. They usually are. Heat wave routine. We are no longer in the position we were in twenty years ago. The solutions are known. We know how to control that. »

Equipment development in hospitals

At the Cosne-sur-Loire Hospital, all dining rooms are equipped with air conditioning. Hydration rounds are conducted with patients several times a day. Fans and mist installed in the rooms. “There are adjustments in diet, and clinicians identify those most at risk of injections,” says Claudine Vauthier, director of communications.

Our file “Health, Our Emergency” in Never

The same is true at the Nevers Cluster Hospital Center, where action plans are implemented according to the level of vigilance. “A seasonal hour is provided from June 1 to September 15. Proactive measures were implemented as early as May: verification of proper operation of refrigeration equipment, assessment of needs for water stocks, pumps, etc.,” adds Victoria Simonetta, Communications Officer.

Two reinforcement students at Ehpad

Patrick DeVille, director of the Elders Circle at Nevers, didn’t wait for the heatwave plan to begin either to rent two moving air conditioners. They come to enhance the air conditioning system located on the second floor. »
To encourage residents to drink more, the foundation’s director bet on the youth by recruiting two students on fixed-term contracts for the heat wave.

A trick he’s been doing every year since 2011. “It goes better with older people, they accept them more. They always have something to talk about. Since the pandemic, we notice that white coats have a devastating effect.”

Also, since Saturday, July 9, the history student and medical student have had the task of persuading the troops to adopt the right reactions. They hydrate the residents, note the amounts of water absorbed, check the temperatures in the rooms, and accompany the elderly in the air-conditioned halls. They understand needs and procedures. They also note the possible beginnings of dehydration. “They take it very seriously,” he notes.

Receiving a day to calm down

At the Logis du Nivernais, in Dornes, the nursing staff also prepared for the arrival of hot weather. Opening windows at night, closing shutters during the day, removing covers, and changing menus (mixed salads, sundaes). feature? Since 2019, Ehpad has given all seniors in Dornes and the surrounding area the opportunity to come and rejuvenate on its premises.

“They can come and spend some time here for free, if they don’t want to live in an apartment that is unsuitable for the very high temperatures,” explains director Caroline Larrise. Volunteers will be able to spend time in the air-conditioned lounges and participate in activities.

It will also be possible to spend a short summer stay for a fee. We have reached out to doctors, home services and city hall. But since the initiative was launched, no order has been issued. “Obviously, for the time being, the elderly manage to keep the country houses cool!”

Elisa Zagam

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