Insurance: What is coverage for a vacation home rental?

Insurance: What is coverage for a vacation home rental?

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Do you need to get specific insurance to rent accommodation during your summer vacation? An important question to avoid having to pay a huge amount of money in the event of a malfunction.

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Are you renting a house or apartment for your summer vacation there? To make sure you have a good time, away from the inconveniences associated with a potential disaster, it is appropriate to consider securing this accommodation. Breakage, water damage, fire, accidents… How do we cover all risks that may arise? Home insurance, vacation guarantee, specific contract… What contracts are really useful? Interpretations for a quiet holiday.

Is it absolutely necessary to provide holiday accommodation?

Answer No: Insurance is not required for a holiday home or apartment, whether you own it or rent it. In fact, only car insurance is mandatory in France. Thus, the owners are not obligated to conclude a multi-risk home insurance contract, although this is highly recommended: the amounts at risk in the event of a claim can be very large!

The same goes for renters who want to spend a few days or weeks on a vacation rental. On the other hand, it may happen that the landlord asks his tenants for a civil liability certificate, or even custom insurance, so that he can verify the validity of the reservation made.

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How to secure seasonal rent correctly?

In the absence of insurance, the tenant who caused damage to the vacation home may have to pay for the repair out of their own pocket. The same goes for damage caused by family members and pets. To avoid finding yourself in this situation, it is best to check that you are well covered before receiving the keys to your seasonal rental.

In addition to traditional civil liability that can cover a certain number of damages caused by a tenant, some home insurance contracts include a holiday guarantee. A small line can be very useful for stays of up to three months, which provides comprehensive coverage, provided you provide certain information to your insurance company, in particular the rental location, departure dates and properties of the property.

The special case of Gîtes de France and Airbnb

Rentals via niche sites have evolved a lot with Airbnb and Gîtes de France at the top of the list. According to a February 2022 study by Harris Interactive, many French families prefer this type of rental: 29% choose a reservation at Gîtes de France or on Airbnb. Interpersonal rent comes out on top with 31% of respondents saying they prefer this type of seasonal contract.

If the rental is made through Airbnb, liability insurance and damage coverage of up to $1 million will be included for the owners, under the AirCover name. However, it is still a good idea to take out specific home insurance. For renters, there is no need for additional insurance: this cover is included in the cost of booking the accommodation. For Gîtes de France, landlords must be insured to cover fire risks, water damage, and neighborhood-related problems.

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