Joining the Army: The Recruitment Process from A to Z

Joining the Army: The Recruitment Process from A to Z

After carefully examining the career opportunities that the military offers and the values ​​they stand for, you are now sure that you want to apply.

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Your chances of success will directly depend on your participation in compiling your profile and the preparation you will receive for both written exams and sporting events. So it’s a good idea to know the entire hiring process right from the start, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises along the way and arrive in the best of conditions at the evaluation stage.

first contact

The entire recruitment process takes place over a period of four to five months. Good to know: Army recruits are all year round which means you won’t face a deadline. This gives you time to prepare and appreciate yourself when you feel ready. Take your computer to find out which CIRFA (Recruitment and Information Center for the Armed Forces) is closest to you. During your first appointment within CIRFA, a counselor will receive and talk to you. On the one hand, it will gather your training desires and on the other hand, determine the reasons that motivate your desire to join the military. All candidates are eligible to apply provided they are in the age range of 17.5 to 32 years whether they hold a degree or not.

File constitution and application

During profile formation, you should demonstrate the first quality that the military expects of you: rigor. In particular, you will be asked for the original of your ID card as well as your Certificate of Participation in Defense of Citizenship Day, a copy of your family book and the originals of your certificates and driver’s licence. Once you collect all these documents, you can open a file with the help of your advisor. You will receive an invitation soon. Don’t waste time and prepare yourself now for the challenges ahead! The Army provides candidates with many very useful educational programs to prepare for sports exams. You can find it on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

It’s time for reviews

Allow two days for evaluation. You will be called to one of the following five centers: Vincennes, Lyon, Rennes, Bordeaux or Nancy. Don’t worry about accommodation and travel costs related to your application as they are covered by the military. During these two days, you will undergo a medical examination, information sessions about the soldier’s career, jobs in the military, sports and psychological tests, and a one-on-one interview. What are the tests? In the athletic field, the candidate will be judged primarily on his stamina and abilities in disciplines such as light Luc, pull-ups, squats or obstacle course. Hence the interest in going to the weight room regularly before tests and running and jogging. Technical psychological tests test your logical and memorization skills. The main traits of your character are also highlighted. At the end of the assessments, you are greeted for a one-on-one interview, which is divided into three parts: a study of your professional project, an analysis of your personality, and a summary of the results.

Choose a specialty

The results of your evaluations will determine the continuity of your project. You will be received by your counselor who will discuss your situation with you. Your advisor will help you choose the majors that will be most in line with your ambitions and abilities. Trust him because he knows the requirements for different trades and he will know which specialty to direct you to. The final file is now ready to be sent to the Assignments Committee. Then the waiting phase begins, which will give the commission time to judge your file. You will be notified of the follow-up to your application at some point, and in the meantime, your advisor will be ready to answer any questions you may have.

Your beginnings in the army

If your file is kept, you sign your contract and thus become a soldier. This moment is significant because it is when you officially enter military life. It’s time to join your battalion or training school. After that, you will follow specialized training, the duration of which may vary depending on the specialty you have chosen.

Now that you have joined the army, your path is clear and you can claim the famous “social ladder”, so dear to the establishment. However, unsuccessful applicants should not be discouraged. Your failure may be attributed to a reason that in no way affects your value, for example, you may have missed a physical exam due to an injury on time. If this is the case, your advisor will be able to explain the reasons why your application was rejected and tell you the procedure to follow to represent you. Sensitive to the stubbornness of his recruits, the army will not hold him against you for a new attempt. exactly the contrary ; Your design will be appreciated.

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