Real estate: the 10 most expensive cities in the past 3 months

Real estate: the 10 most expensive cities in the past 3 months

The real estate market is not safe from inflation. D’après le réseau d’agences Guy Hoquet, qui a publié récemment son baromètre trimestriel de l’ancien, les tarifs moyens ont augmenté de 6,7% (appartements et maisons confondus) au deuxiède rapme rapme l’ancien parên 2022 ‘The last year. While prices seem to have stabilized over the last quarter nationally (+1.7% on average), some cities have seen their prices skyrocket over the past three months. So which municipalities are doing well? To find out, Capital created a ranking of the 10 French cities that saw their prices rise more than last quarter.

The first lesson from the top ten is this: the first five places are occupied by cities on the shores of the Mediterranean. In detail, Nice which has seen its prices rise the most over the past three months (+11%) with an average price now of €6,447 per square metre. Prices also rose in Ajaccio (+10.1%), Perpignan (+7.4%), Marseille (+7.3%) and Avignon (+5.9%). “The accommodation shock is still very much there, and families with the means tend to invest in the seaside resorts of southern France to take advantage of the sun,” says Stefan Spritz, president of the Jay Hockey Network. This increase in demand logically raises prices.”

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Medium-sized cities determine the time

On the contrary, after two years of super dynamism, medium-sized cities seem to mark time. Limoges, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble and Caen, for example, show values ​​per square meter lower than in the first quarter of 2022. Comments Stefan Fritz. Prices went up until last year, but today we are seeing a logical drop in prices.” The only exception is Annecy, which has seen an increase in its rates over the last quarter. But this high-end city, where prices are particularly high, does not necessarily represent the reality of the market.

Even more surprisingly, two major cities, Rennes and Toulouse, have seen a slight decrease in their prices over the past three months. This relatively low price in these cities can be explained in part by the difficulty of household borrowing due to higher interest rates.

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Increasingly restricted access to credit has lowered demand in some large cities, thus lowering prices. A situation that could spread widely in the coming months according to Stefan Fritz: “We risk seeing a downturn in the real estate market since the beginning of the school year because the number of blocked credit files continues to increase, President Jay Hiccups announced.” Prices need to be adjusted quickly.”

The house remains attractive

Despite deteriorating borrowing conditions, single-family homes remain particularly attractive. Thus, home prices have increased by 3.6% over the past three months. Suites now represent 70% of the supply of accommodations available. For comparison, apartment prices at the same time rose by “only” 2.7%. The average price per square meter of a house in France was 2796 euros in the second quarter of 2022. Despite the high prices, the housing market has not yet experienced a crisis. But until when?

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