Symbio is ready to change dimension

Symbio is ready to change dimension

The joint venture Forvia and Michelin presented a new roadmap at the event bringing together shareholders, partners and customers. Ultimately, Symbio aims to produce 50,000 fuel cells annually at its massive SymphonHy plant, which will open in 2023, in Saint-Fons (69).

Symbio brought together its shareholders, partners and customers at an event on July 13, 2022.

This is a historic event in the history of young Symbio. On Wednesday, July 13, 2022, the Specialized Fuel Cell Company, at its site in Vénissieux (69), on the outskirts of Lyon, brought together nearly forty partners, both private and institutional, and its major customers as well as its shareholders.

Philip RoserSymbio CEO, as Director of Ceremonies, welcomes the Directors of his shareholders to the platform, Florent Minigo for Michelin and Patrick Kohler For Forvia, but also Jean-Michel Peleg And the Uwe Hochgeshortrespectively Director of Hydrogen Technology and Director of Greater Europe for Stellantis, Symbio’s main customer.

And took the floor the institutional partners, Laurent Keyes Remote Auvergne Rhone-Alpes and Bruno Bernard for the city of Lyon. All of these characters have come to support the future hydrogen hero who aims to become Symbio.

100,000 batteries per year in 2028

This event somehow constitutes the founding act of the new Symbio, Philip Rosier evokes.A critical step in development“.But the CEO did not fail in the preamble to remember all the steps that had already been taken in 12 years.

The start-up that was born in 2010 near Grenoble was succeeded by a potential world champion for the hydrogen cause with the entry into the Michelin capital in 2016, followed in 2019 by the arrival of Faurecia to give birth to a joint venture owned by French equipment manufacturers.

Therefore, Symbio aims to become a planetary leader in the hydrogen movement by producing 100,000 fuel cells per year by 2028 and 200,000 per year by 2030. We are still a long way off given that the Vénissieux site is currently in use at a rate of a few hundred units per year.

Giga factory in Saint Vincent

The major industrial transformation is scheduled for 2023 with the opening of the company’s first giga factory in Saint Vence (69), still in the suburbs of Lyon. Her name: SymphonHy. “It will be one of the largest production sites for hydrogen fuel cell systems in EuropeIt will span an area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters and eventually be able to produce 50,000 batteries per year.

L’usine de Saint-Fons accueillera, en plus des lignes d’assemblage, un incubateur de start-up spécialisées dans l’hydrogène, ainsi que la Symbio Hydrogen Academy, une structure qui déjà va 300 personnes aux métiers liés liés à cette former this year. In the end, her tutorial will include about fifty units.

The site will also be supplied with green hydrogen by CNR and Engie, directly by pipeline. The catalyst, located in Pierre-Bénite (69), produces this energy will see daylight by 2025 and will have a capacity of 10 tons of hydrogen per day. CNR and Engie hope to involve other clients in this project.

Second position 2027-2028

The second stage of industrial development will be the arrival of a new generation of batteries, not earlier than 2027 or 2028. A technological development that will coincide with the opening of a second production site in France, in an unspecified location, which will allow Symbio to reach the expected capacity of 100,000 batteries per year.

All this will lead to a strengthening of the workforce. The company currently employs 500 people and plans to grow to more than 1,000 soon.”We were barely 50 employees in 2018,” recalls Philip Rozier, to illustrate Symbio’s growth.

In this period when hydrogen was not yet a widespread solution, Symbio could count on a major customer, Stellantis, whose representative indicated that the ambition was to sell 10,000 light hydrogen vehicles worldwide annually. Starting in 2024.

We are intent on strengthening our leading position in this technology, fuel cell is at the heart of our LCV strategy‘Ove Hochgert, who also spoke, insisted.The core relationship that has been formed with Symbio over the past 3 yearsStellantis will rely on its range of medium trucks, whose hydrogen elements were recently marketed, pending the launch of large hydrogen trucks, once again with Symbio.

Upcoming ads in VP

The Lyon-based company intends to sign with other customers to sell its products. Safra, which specializes in hydrogen buses, is already a stakeholder, awaiting developments in the field of heavy-duty vehicles, off-road and passenger vehicles where it will be announced “In a few monthsPhilip Roser confirms.

There is other news from Symbio regarding its global Hymotive project which has been notified by the French government to the European Commission under PIIEC (Important Project of Common European Interest).

Philip Roser finally noted that Symbio recently announced the upcoming construction of a joint venture Innoplate with Schaeffler for the production of bipolar panels,”A major component of batteriesThis new structure will be based in Haguenau (67) and will start work in 2024. It will eventually produce 50 million panels per year.

Michelin and Faurecia hydrogen campaign

Everything is now ready for Symbio to be able to meet its global ambitions in a field that is still emerging. Florent Ménigo also gave a firm speech in favor of hydrogen, convinced that investments in this area will pay off.

We are opening the ground in a completely new field that is inevitable to develop. This technology does not conflict with battery-powered vehicles, these are complementary solutions“And as a reminder that Michelin began its fuel cell research more than 40 years ago, the cost of such equipment has since been divided by 10,” declared the Michelin president.At that time, the battery was worth 250,000 euros“, Indicates.

Patrick Koehler (Faurecia), for his part, insisted on the fact that hydrogen has the advantage of being less exposed to electricity in the field of raw materials, which raises “better European sovereignty” as well as the control of players in the sector The whole value chain. and the promise of hydrogen technology available”Competitive price” in the next years.

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