Good news for Livret A holders, when do they return to the office after a positive test?  environmental day shimmer

Good news for Livret A holders, when do they return to the office after a positive test? environmental day shimmer

start with Today’s rate: 2%. It is almost certain. Livret A should double on August 1, from 1% to 2%. If, on Wednesday, July 13, the governor of the Bank of France excludes any increase in the wages of the producer held by 55 million French people, the latter can still smile. Their savings will actually bring them a lot. And what about the subscribers of the famous savings account, the return of which should rise to 4.60% … Find out exactly how much these products will earn on our site.

This is it Bad news today. According to broker Meilleurtaux, the majority of new borrowers are now excluded from mortgage loans, including the best profiles. In question, the erosion rate (the maximum legal rate that credit institutions are allowed to exercise) which has increased less rapidly than credit rates and which obscures the files of borrowers who have the ability to meet obligations. To illustrate this phenomenon, Capital invites you to discover many examples of “good files” that banks are now rejecting.

The Question of the day : When can we go back to the office if we test positive for Covid-19? As the pandemic recovers, more and more employees (and employers) are wondering what rules to follow at work in the event of pollution. It’s good to know, first: The duration of respect isolation varies depending on your vaccination status. Then, when you return to work, some precautions should be taken. Duration of isolation and conditions for your return to the office … Find on our website details of the rules to be followed by employees who have tested positive for Covid-19.

Let’s finish with good news, Concerning volunteers and association employees who travel by car. The revised draft budget amendment aims to align the employee mileage scale with that of the company’s employees, which is more beneficial. The amendment, made by the group Les R├ępublicains, was adopted by the Finance Committee of the National Assembly. It will now have to be discussed in Circulation next week.

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