Job insurance: Students make a fuss ahead of time

Job insurance: Students make a fuss ahead of time

Horns, loudspeakers, and other tambourines came out on Friday on Main Street in Moncton. Students gathered Friday night to protest the sudden cancellation of the NB-AE Connect programme.

Moncton students expressed their frustration with the Higgs government. New Acadian: Simone Delattre

“Fewer nurses = more deaths”, “Start investing in our future!” , “No more discounts!” , can be read on the banners raised by the group of students assembled in front of the hotel city.

Tracy Wilson came to denounce the Higgs government’s decision not to offer the Connect NB-EI program that allowed employment insurance benefits to be maintained during post-secondary studies. His daughter, Alicia, is a sophomore nursing student. She works all summer at Moncton Hospital to relieve the stress of care teams while on vacation.

Tracy Wilson came to demonstrate on behalf of her daughter, a future nurse who was surprised by the termination of Connect NB-AE. New Acadian: Simone Delattre

Her study loan will not be enough to pay her rent, she will have to find a job at the beginning of the school year and I think her studies will suffer. I’m afraid she’ll eventually give up,” Tracy Wilson yells, her voice covered with the sound of trumpets.

Sébastien Gionet and Marie-Pier Mazerolle, psychology students at Moncton University, find themselves in the same precarious situation.

Sebastien Geonet and Marie-Pierre Mazirol fear that the decision will undermine the training of psychologists in the future. New Acadian: Simone Delattre

“We have unbelievable waiting lists for psychiatric services, and we certainly won’t solve the problem by stopping us from studying, which is the first regret. I’m suddenly losing nearly $1,500 a month, and that completely changes my plans. The student’s workload is about thirty hours a week, and on him To work an extra 20-30 hours to pay for basic needs, it just doesn’t make sense!

“It will exacerbate deficiencies in the health system, in education, in mental health care,” adds Marie-Pierre Mazirol, who will have to give up to find a part-time job at the beginning of the school year.

A little later, Pierre Duguay Boudreaux exclaimed loudly: “No longer able! More capable! More capable!” The young man had just finished his studies, but came out in solidarity with his many friends affected by the purse.

“There is a risk of seeing more redundancy among students, a decline in academic outcomes, and in the long run, the quality of professionals who make it to market is likely to decline,” he asserts.

“It creates more difference between social classes. People whose parents have a lot of money will not have to work and will benefit from better training, more communication activities, and para-academic activities, while people without money will have to devote all their time outside of class to work.” .

Moncton students expressed their frustration with the Higgs government. New Acadian: Simone Delattre

Sylvie Blaine, a professor at the College of Education, came to support the street protest. “Some of my students are wondering if they will be able to continue their studies financially, because they are not allowed to work during their four-month internship,” she explains.

“Cutting it in the middle of summer, when no one is left on campus, is a low blow to the poorest people in our community and I find it unacceptable.”

On Wednesday, representatives of New Brunswick Student Associations proposed creating a relief grant for affected students or a one-year grace period that would allow students to prepare for change. However, they came back empty-handed from their meeting with Post-Secondary Education Secretary Trevor Holder.

The latter suggests that they explored existing scholarships and loan programs, reiterating that his decision is aimed at meeting the business needs of employers, particularly in the restaurant and service industry.

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