Orus wants to digitize professional insurance for VSE and SMEs

Orus wants to digitize professional insurance for VSE and SMEs

While personal insurance has seen the emergence of new digital players in recent years, such as Luko, Leocare, Lovys or Acheel, professional insurance is still largely dominated by traditional players. To this note, Côme Dartiguenave, Tom Le Bras and Samuel Rossille add another, the under-supply of VSE/SMEs, in a market where insurance products specific to each of their activities are not prevalent. Orus was created in May 2021, and Amin Al-Tousi joined him as head of the insurance department from March 2022. A year after its inception, the startup announced a €5 million fundraising from Frst, Partech, Portage Ventures and about two dozen angel companies such as Pierre-Olivier Desaulle (former CEO of Hiscox Europe), Raphaël Vullierme (CEO of Luko), Christoph Trickett (former founder of MeilleurAssurance), and Arthur Waller (CEO of Pennylane).

“We believe that insurance is a social good that can protect businesses, and this is confirmed in the press release by Côme Dartiguenave, Co-Founder and CEO of Orus. VSE/SMEs are the lifeblood of our economy and must be able to access the offer best suited to their needs. We have tasked ourselves with With a mission to create simple, effective and affordable insurance to allow professionals to focus on their work “from intent to action,” Orus, on a 100% digital journey, has built an initial offering with insurance company Wakam, intended for catering professionals it allows customers to obtain insurance in as little as 5 Minutes, without obligation, and combines all basic warranties into one cover, around a base (civil liability, theft, fire, water damage, electrical damage, etc..) plus some options like legal protections and business interruption warranties.

Orus relies on technology to reconcile large volumes with the need for multiple collateral adapted to very different businesses. “Our technology will allow us to offer products, assistance, and prevention services to as many people as possible, with a seamless experience and affordable prices.” With this first round, Orus plans to double its workforce by the end of the year, as well as accelerate its commercial development in the professional insurance market, launching new products there.

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