Rennes - Why is Rennes the second most popular city for students?

Rennes – Why is Rennes the second most popular city for students?

2,249 students in one of France’s 22 large cities responded to a survey, this month of June 2022, on the study platform Diplomeo. Target? Select the best city for your upper classes. Rennes is second only to Strasbourg. Why does Rennes continue to be a favorite student destination?

13 criteria for judging the best student city

Ranked 2nd Student City in 2021 by L’Étudiant, this view appears to have been shared again this year by young and old who study there. The panel of students questioned issued their judgment on 13 different criteria, with each given a weight. The end result, weighted according to this given importance, finally puts Rin in second place.

To get to the podium, the city of Breton acquired the students who live there. 96% of respondents who study there would also be willing to recommend it to any student wishing to change town. In terms of winning criteria, Rennes imposes itself on the quality of infrastructure and the job market, in particular. It is also placed on quality of life, quality of higher education, culture and leisure, economic dynamism, transportation, soft mobility, and the image in the eyes of other students.

What do students think of Rennes?

On networking, students or future students looking for the perfect city to settle exchange tips. Rin shares their testimony, and city adopters give their opinions. What do they say then?

For some, Rennes is above all a city where it is difficult to find housing. According to some comments, students should start research as early as April. Complicated, when Parcoursup results don’t arrive before June. Here again, networks abound with research, from parents and students alike, for accommodation solutions to kick off the school year.

Once sesame is found, the students at Rin seem positive. I appreciate mentioning, above all, the living environment. “It’s a very fun, small and friendly, moving student town,” can we read online. In a flurry of love for Rennes, we also note “the seaside, in one hour maximum, all Brittany for weekend getaways”. It’s the whole earth that wins them!

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