A new complaint targeting the former CEO of Assu 2000 in Morocco

A new complaint targeting the former CEO of Assu 2000 in Morocco

8:31 PM, July 16, 2022

Jacques Bouthier and his associates are now the subject of seven complaints. The ex-chairman of the insurance giant – already imprisoned in France for “the rape of a minor” – and other heroes are accused of “human trafficking, sexual harassment and verbal and moral violence”.

Problems pile up for Jacques Bouthier, the former CEO of Assu 2000, and his associates in Morocco. Ex-CEO – Already imprisoned in France for “rape of a minor” – is the subject of a new complaint, the plaintiffs’ lawyers told AFP. At the same time, the seventh accused, a man of French nationality, was arrested. “It will be presented the day before before the King’s Prosecutor.”Aisha Al-Jella, a lawyer and president of the Moroccan Association for Victims’ Rights (AMDV) said. For one of the other plaintiffs’ attorneys, his clients I decided to break the law of silence. Others must follow.

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On 6 July, five employees of Jacques Botheer were arrested and detained following complaints from former employees of the Aso 2000 (now Villafi) group branches in Tangiers, northern Morocco. At the end of June, two men were charged, one of whom was a policeman. Among the detained individuals is a former boxer who has been transferred to private security. he is accused “The collection of criminals, the failure to denounce the sexual abuse of a minor under the age of 15, the actual corruption of a person holding public authority”. A policeman from La Courneuve is a suspect ‘passive bribery’ Based on “complicity in breach of professional secrecy”.

Towards other complaints?

All detained Jacques Beauthier employees are accused of “human trafficking,” “sexual harassment,” “indecent assault,” and “verbal and moral violence” for acts committed between 2018 and 2022. One lawyer even accuses Jacques Bouthier and his collaborators of being out of existence. Organized criminal gang. As AFP recalls, several plaintiffs lobbied for their resignation, and a “campaign of intimidation in the media and on social networks led by the Buthi clan”. The former boxer enlisted the cop, who was arrested in early July, to see court files relating to one of the complainants. The man, who then recruited three of his teammates, then went to the victim’s home. Since then, the investigation has been entrusted to the IGPN. After his indictment in May, Jack Botheer is still awaiting his verdict. According to various lawyers, there are other victims, and messages will also be exchanged via e-mail or messages “Conclusive evidence”.

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