Formula 1: Nico Rosberg thinks Mick Schumacher is not ready to join a big team

Formula 1: Nico Rosberg thinks Mick Schumacher is not ready to join a big team

After Mick Schumacher’s performances at Silverstone and Spielberg, Nico Rosberg spoke about his compatriot’s future.

Although he knew A complicated start to the season marked by numerous accidentsNow it looks like Mick Schumacher has gotten the monster hair back since thenHe scored his first Formula One point at the British Grand Prix. And the following week, He even got his best result in the Queen class by placing sixth in the Austrian Grand Prix. But for a while, many believed that Mick Schumacher might lose his seat at the end of the season, Predictions about her future are more optimistic now And the Some even mentioned the possibility of him soon joining a big team. While praising his performance, But Nico Rosberg has some reservations about this possibility… “Mick has had a tough few weeks and we are all glad he has now shown some good progress. When I open the papers these days I haven’t read any criticism of him. The way everything is changing so quickly is the craziest thing in our sport. He just needed a race. And a great duel on the track with Verstappen and everything is forgotten again. Psychologically, it is really valuable to him, because now he is in a positive mental vortex that will be with him until the next races.”

Soon in a big team?

The 2016 world champion is considered thatIt’s still too early for his compatriot to be able to lead a big team. “I don’t see his ends in points that way. He still needs time in his development. Previous races have shown that. He should take his time before targeting a top team. There is no need to rush things,” he added. Notice it seems Pretty reasonable considering that Mick Schumacher is currently in his second season in the first category. For comparison, George Russell scored his first points with Williams in his third year and joined Mercedes. After spending three years with the British national team. The future will tell If a Haas driver is going to the same course !

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