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How do you reduce your car insurance bill?

Do different insurance contracts affect you? You can at least relieve a few like your auto insurance. In fact, we have a few tips to show you so that the cost of your contribution can be reduced, without neglecting your warranty needs.

The insurance contract should cover your needs

It is mandatory to subscribe to the minimum warranty when driving. The law then requires you to cover material damage or bodily injury that your vehicle may inflict on others. This is a third party insurance or civil liability guarantee. Other guarantees may be given to you by insurance companies. Are they interesting to you? For example, are warranties for theft, broken glass, or fire useful in your case? If you own a car dates! It is not necessary to resort to these guarantees.

On the other hand, for modern cars, which are less polluting, they are the subject of greed. The risk of theft or vandalism is greater. However, if you have a secure garage, and safety equipment on board your sports car, this reduces the risks. Your insurance company can reduce your premium by up to 5%. Also take a look at our all-risk guarantee.

Do not use your insurance for every claim

Do not forget that every time you declare a claim, you pay a deduction, that is, the share that you must pay. Remember, too, that if your liability is involved in the disaster, you risk a penalty. This means that your next contribution will be increased according to the percentage given (example: +25% in case of an accident by mistake). And even if you are not responsible for the loss, the announced event can raise the suspicion of your insurance company. To avoid displaying the Claims Table, avoid advertising for small claims. A claims-free year will undoubtedly reduce your next premium. Here, the car insurance bonus applies.

Compare insurance companies online with insurance comparison

Online insurance companies have the advantage of offering lower contracts, ranging from 20-30% discount compared to traditional contracts of physical insurance companies, this is for the same coverage. If you want the maximum reduction, consider using a car insurance comparison. This initiative also allows you to save time, as the results are presented in the form of a summary table created according to your own criteria.

Stay informed of discounts and change of insurance companies regularly

You are insured and under the Hammon Act, you can terminate your car insurance contract each year. This is in order to always benefit from a competitive offer. You also have the option to negotiate certain options as your car begins to age. In this case, wait for your contract anniversary to discuss the matter with your insurance company. If you only drive occasionally, know that today there are car insurance contracts per kilometer or even daily contracts. This type of offer is part of the so-called temporary car contracts. If your current insurance company doesn’t offer any, cancel your contract and try your luck with another company.


Here are our tips for lowering your car insurance bill. It is up to you to check if your current contract is still worth it. We would also like to remind you that the car insurance premium is assessed based on:

  • vehicle type
  • From your insurance file
  • from the geographical location.



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