A défaut de "Chèque formation", le futur comptable contracte un prêt mais sa prépa a le temps de fermer...

In the absence of a “training check”, the future accountant takes a loan but has time to close …

He was happy to be able to pass his preparations at the DSCG in Reunion. David (supposed first name) has been grinding in the void for weeks. Despite his email and recorded phone calls, he saw nothing coming from the area. The double penalty came when the training center that was to be hosted by him decided to cancel the preparation for lack of … candidates.

It all starts in February when the university’s accounting students discover the possibilities available at the end of their master’s year. Some decide to get into working life while others still give themselves the ultimate goal of acquiring an additional skill. It is in this latter direction that David orients himself. Like seven other classmates, he wants to try preparation for the Higher Diploma in Accounting and Management, the famous DSCG that is reliable in the profession. “The difference between MR and DSCG is big”David explains. The DSCG is indeed a first step to subsequently obtaining a DEC, Diploma in Chartered Accountant.

And to achieve this, there is nothing better than a setup that serves as a launching pad for its intensive courses, speakers from the professional world, and its atmosphere dedicated to crowding. After that, David applies for a training center during the first quarter of 2022. The entrance fee to this training center is not paid but it deserves the extensive training and educational resources available. Available to students: €5,000 for 4 months of preparation (July-October) with the only horizon for the DSCG competition in October 2022.

Setup can only work with enough candidates

Due to the cost of preparation, David like all his classmates turns to the district and Pôle Emploi, the two institutions that can give a payment to every student who can’t pay for training out of their own money. Thus Region and Pôle Emploi can intervene in equal shares, i.e. 2,500 euros each.

“It is the preparation itself that has given us the procedure to follow so that we can get this aid. The preparation is used for that because it happens every year as such and quite naturally.”David explains to show that nothing anticipates an administrative whirlwind.

For a few weeks, the young man contacted the area but it remained difficult to access its service designated for training. “Once I picked up the phone and was told the budget had yet to be voted on.”, reported the exchange obtained during the month of March. Weeks pass without further results, but after he smells the administrative slowness coming to destroy his ambitions to do this preparation, the young student on the scholarship decides to take out a student loan. “You never know, I see nothing coming from the area, I preferred to expect”tell us. Only one of his comrades would do the same. The other six preferred to wait for news from the area.

But eventually they will all be housed in the same boat. All these little guys will be surprised to learn on May 25, a month before preparation begins at the beginning of July, that their training center has decided to throw in the towel, because there are not enough students to enter their costs. Thus, like double punishment, the regional administrative whirlwind removed the number of candidates who could financially register in this setting at a very high cost.

It should be noted that in this public assistance scheme involving several institutions, one waited for the other to start making their own decision…which means that in the end, the applicants had nothing of the Pôle emploi because the district was slow to respond to the students. “When I inquired of the Pôle emploi, they told me that they only released their turn when the school and district had been validated by them.”David details.

So, as a free candidate he will try the DSCG exam next October. The events have the advantage of taking place in La Réunion itself. That’s really less to spend on a plane ticket and hotel nights in Paris.

“You can prepare for DSCG on your own but it’s different. Already with prep, it’s hard to get… In short, I already know I’m going away with a disability”breathes David who will somehow prepare by working part-time. “I was able to find an employer before I worked part-time. 3 days a week”Explains his situation.

Surprisingly, he receives a lot of help for the less qualified formations

“I could have done the preparations in mainland France but from what I saw it was less interesting. It would have cost me less, so to speak, up to €2,700 but without the extras like finding accommodation in Paris and the plane”Comparing.

David remembers from this bad experience that societies sometimes conduct double-talk which he was thus able to experience in real life, unfortunately. “There is no device to support young people in these highly qualified training courses. I find this really unnatural, especially since the Pôle emploi offered my support to train me in other less qualified jobs. For my part, what shocks me, is the praise of the support systems for training in mainland France or in Canada when they don’t in Reunion itself”the future accountant regrets.

If he doesn’t win the DSCG this year, he will try again next year, hoping this time the district will be there and the school will offer the training locally. “My goal is to talk about this imbalance so that the internship offer is opened again next year to all applicants,” Advise.

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