Sports Games.  Uncertainty around Jacobs and Warholm... The highlights to follow on the second day of the IAAF World Championships

Sports Games. Uncertainty around Jacobs and Warholm… The highlights to follow on the second day of the IAAF World Championships

Curley’s favorite in the 100m, Jacobs in good shape?

Vice-champion olympique l’été dernier à Tokyo, l’Américain Fred Kerley fait figure de favori pour le toujours très attendu titre du 100 m, après avoir été flashé en 9 sec 76 aux sélections US la fin me juille demond, so performanceit the classroom.

“I believe in myself above all else, and I am delighted to be one of the candidates,” said the 27-year-old runner.

Behind Curley on the global balance sheets, another American, Tryvon Brommel (9.81), and Kenyan Ferdinand Omanyala (9.85), a US visa obtained in the extreme and expected in Oregon just a few hours before he entered the race, could do well. What about Jamaican Yohan Blake?

As for Marcel Jacobs, Olympic champion and world indoor champion in the 60 meters this winter, everything will depend on his physical form: he did not run the lowest international 100 meters in 2022 (4 races from the lowest level in Italy), a thigh tension error on in particular. Will he be able to surprise again, as he did in Tokyo last August?

Warholm back on his feet?

Stopping dead in his first race of the summer season due to a ‘little tear’ in his hamstring at the start of June in Morocco, Norway’s Karsten Warholm, Olympic champion and two-time world champion in the 400m hurdles, has been racing against the clock ever since.

“The past five to six weeks have been hell,” the Scandinavian hurdler admits, a year after winning the Olympic gold in Tokyo by breaking the world record (45.94). But, he said, “I feel ready, and when I say ready, that means 100%.”

“Obviously this is not the ideal way to approach championships. It will be challenging in the sense that I don’t know what I can offer, but I know for sure that even my injury was very good training”, positive Warholm (26), who will have to pay attention to American Ray Benjamin and Brazilian Alison dos Santos. The Norwegian also insisted on recalling that he was already able to beat his own world record in his first home race. However, his opponents are warned…

Zhoya and “PML” against the Americans

Inside, the Americans are the favorites in the 110m hurdles, with a world-record duel expected between Grant Holloway and Devon Allen, who will join the Philadelphia Eagles’ NFL team after the competition. The latter was shown at 12″ 84 in 2022, four hundredths of Ares Merritt’s world record.

Curious of the two worlds, the French Sacha Chuya is surprising: in just five races over the adult hurdles (1.06m vs. 99cm), the 20-year-old junior world record holder has achieved an impressive performance (13 in 17 in Caen end of June) than might It opens the doors to the world final. His impressive progression from qualifying can be seen on Saturday.

As for Pascal Martinnot-Lagarde, he loves the excitement of tournaments and if his preparation is not optimal, he is used to it. This did not prevent him from participating in the finals of all the international competitions in which he participated.

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