Fires in the Gironde: When volunteers help firefighters

Fires in the Gironde: When volunteers help firefighters



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Firefighters mobilized in the Gironde, Sunday, July 17, can count on volunteer support from DFCI, the Fire Defense Association. They track fires to the ground.

They are hundreds of men trying to save the forest in the Gironde. Volunteers help firefighters at the front. Thierry Carey works with many others on Second Curtain. He knows the forest by heart, because for 30 years he has belonged to an association that protects it, DFCI Landiras. They are farmers or growers of grapes, and they want to save their land with the means at hand. “Since the fire broke out, we have been there day and night. There are times when we feel sad because we are not ready. We can’t fight, but we must be strongThierry Carey trusts.

Together with other members of the association, they worked in the forest for years. It is specially equipped to slow down flames. The forest path has a special role as a firewall. Residents want to prevent the spread of fire at all costs. “We haven’t really thought about it yet‘, admits Thierry Carey. Extremely hot weather will be announced in the coming days. Volunteers know they are not finished with their fight.

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