Does Esteban Ocon deserve more recognition?

Does Esteban Ocon deserve more recognition?

With the Grand Prix de France quickly approaching and half of the calendar just arriving, the moment is perfect to focus on Esteban Ocon, the Alpine team driver, having completed the first part of the season more than satisfactorily.

After a year marked by his impressive victory in Hungary, Esteban Ocon has decided to move up this year and gives the impression that he has taken on a new dimension. In fact, the 25-year-old Frenchman scored 8 goals in points during his first 11 races and just achieved his best result of the season with Fifth place in the final stage at the Red Bull Circuit in Austria.

Despite everything, the Evreux native has not been as advertised as his friends and appears to be underestimated compared to the other drivers in the circuit. Even if all was not rosy when he arrived in 2016 with several problems on the track (a collision with Verstappen in Brazil) and his former teammate, Sergio Perez, he is nonetheless a good and ideal driver for modern Formula 1. Thanks to his classic driving style, clean and less aggressive than some, he has managed to reclaim a place in the minds of various Formula 1 players, who seem satisfied with his development.

However, Ocon is less present in the media and still struggles with comparison to Verstappen, Leclerc and Norris of the same generation while in the more competitive stables. Not to mention the position Gasly occupied after his success at Monza in 2020… However, the situation has evolved a lot over the past two years and this eighth place in the general classification shows his progress as a driver despite a more discreet personality, which he could let down.. to the public.

Ready to mark Paul Ricard’s circle

One thing’s for sure, number 31 in the ring eagerly awaits the weekend of July 23, capturing for Canal Mic + two weeks ago: “It’s a grand prix at home. We can’t wait to be there and go there with a smile.”. With a competitive car and a regular ranking in the top ten, it’s also a safe bet that the Evro Citizen is the right idea for you. Redeem 200 Euros of Unibet Free Bonus In the Grand Prix de France, one of the best sites to bet on F1 as ranked by SportyTrader. The stated goal would be to do better than last year, when Ocon took 14th place without any particular flavor.

For his 101st race, the former Force India resident will want to extend his 23-point lead over teammate Fernando Alonso while putting on a fine show for the French crowd who will be present in droves over the three days. By executing a race full of daring, he could see his rise in popularity among Formula One fans, especially by searching for a place among the top ten since the start of the championship!

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