Fuel: New aid, but no tax cut

Fuel: New aid, but no tax cut

The government is considering providing new aid. On the other hand, he still ignores the idea of ​​lowering fuel taxes.

Since April 1, all French motorists can take advantage of a discount of 18 cents including tax on a liter of fuel. A small boost is welcome, while gasoline and diesel prices are at their highest levels since the start of the year. This help is then accessible to all, without any conditions. And for good reason, their amount is deducted directly from the price paid at the service station. But unfortunately, this little boost won’t last forever. In fact, if it should end on July 31, it will finally be extended beyond the summer. But it will actually disappear, gradually as I announced recently Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire. And in an interview, the latter has already confirmed that the amount will gradually decrease until the end of the year.

More targeted assistance

However, new aids will be offered only to certain categories of motorists. And then it will be the largest of the reels, and therefore it will have to make a specific request to the government to be entitled to this assistance. In addition, liberal professionals, especially caregivers, will also be able to benefit from additional assistance. At the moment, all information is still unknown, the amounts will have to be detailed later. However, we know they will be index of incomeand thus for the benefit of the poor.

There is no tax deduction

But this meager subsidy can be accompanied by other aid, directed more to the middle class. Anyway, that’s what Bruno Le Maire suggested in an interview with Le Parisien. The latter asserts that Yes, we are open to compromise. We are ready for a compensation that will further affect the middle classes. Let Parliament be free to make suggestionsOn the other hand, the minister continues to say that he is against tax cuts.” I reiterate my opposition to abolishing taxes on imported fossil fuels, which would be a colossal blow to public finances. Otherwise I am willing to consider all proposals“.

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