Quimper - Four Directions of Real Estate in Quimper

Quimper – Four Directions of Real Estate in Quimper

Prices jump in the city center and in the town of Ergué

Plus 26% in one year on the price of old apartments in the city center, which comes to 2,050 euros / m². Plus 25% in the town of Ergué-Armel, today at 1,960 € / m² …

These two sectors remain undisputedly at the top of the most expensive real estate in Quimper, with an average old house price of 230 thousand euros, according to figures provided by the Regional Council of Notaries, for the second quarter of this year. Still in the case of old houses, those in the Kerfonton sector are also traded at a price at the top of the ranking: about 220 thousand euros.

It should be noted strong changes in the prices of old houses in the regions of Terre Noire and Moulin-Vert (+18.4%).

By the price of old apartments, the data provided by notaries will confirm the madness of the station area in a complete transformation (1540 € / m², an increase of 19%). But also for the hospital sector, which is ideally located between the city center and the southern service.

Old flats or old homes cost nearly twice as much in the Penhars strip, the only Quimper neighborhood where documenters have recorded steep falls in square meter prices: -5% in one year on the price of apartments and -1.5% on the price of old houses.

Some criteria in numbers in the Finistere Panorama

According to the Regional Council of Notaries, new apartments are the most expensive in Brest (3930 € / m²). More expensive than the coastal strip, between Penmarc’h and Clohars-Carnoët (€3770/m²), before Quimper ville (€3470/m²) and the city of Brest (3,210€/m²). The profession announces an average price of 3,580 euros / m2 per department.

Across Finistère, notaries set a median house price of €180,200 (+12.6% in one year). For construction land, the average price is set at €48,400 (+ 5.4% in one year).

If we add to this table an increase of about 16% in the average price of old apartments (standing at 1,880 euros / m2), then the data provided by notaries paint an attractive section, according to the principle of price adjustment based on demand .

But a quick look at the volume of sales across the department shows a very strong increase in new apartment purchases in one year (+78%), while purchases of older homes are down about 10% for the same period. A figure that tends to underscore the strong demand for new and functional housing in Finistere. This increase in the number of transactions can also indicate an expansion of the inventory of new apartments.

The data provided by the notaries also show that Finistere owners are lifelong buyers. The fact that every major age group is represented more or less the same way can mean that goods are traded.

It should be noted that buyers practicing an intermediate profession are the most represented (27%) at the beginning of 2022, along with senior managers and employees (19% each).

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