Real estate, the recent opening of electronic signature – challenges

The real estate market since the COVID-19 crisis

Many uncertainties have weighed on the post-health crisis housing market. But in 2021, he again proved to be particularly resistant. Transaction volumes have seen up New records, with 1,200,000 sales in 2021 against 1,024,000 in 2020. For good reason, despite the economic uncertainty, Stone remains one of the most reliable and sustainable investments for the French.

Moreover, although there is a clear gap between the large cities, particularly Paris, and the medium-sized cities, Prices continue to climb (+7.2% in 2021)backed by very low interest rates. At the national level, the average price per square meter is 2574 euros. The regional rebalancing Continuing as well, with a more dynamic market in coastal cities, medium-sized towns, and rural communities. A desire to escape accompanies the complex successive constraints of the inhabitants of major cities.

If the real estate sector is in very good shape, it is partly because Adopted new technologies. Among these are Secure electronic signature Which closes up to 80% of trades in less than a day and up to 44% in less than 15 minutes.

The electronic signature in the property is provided by law

The Signature in authorized electronic form In connection with the purchase and sale of real estate. For good reason, the latter has The same legal value as the handwritten signature. Moreover, it is Articles 1366 and 1367 of the Civil Code that remind us of this: “electronic writing has the same evidentiary value as writing on paper, provided that the identity of the person from which it emanates is duly identified and” and kept under conditions ensuring the integrity of document.

Because yes, to have legal value, the digital signature must respect a European legal framework defined by the eIDAS Regulation:

  • Reliable way to locate
  • Ensure the integrity of signed documents
  • Proving the logical connection between the signed document and the identity of the signer

Real estate sale agreement, lease agreement, letter of intent to purchase, unilateral sale promise, custodian’s contract… Digital documents that can be electronically signedwithout having to be face to face. In most cases, a Advanced electronic signature enough for Signing a pdf file numerically. However, for a digital document that passes in front of a notary, it will be necessary to choose a solution Qualified electronic signature with electronic certificatesProvided by a qualified trust service provider.

5 advantages of electronic signature in real estate

time saving

Electronic signature in real estate allows a Save valuable time Regarding processing and closing files. First of all, because it allows extension Remote signature of documents, without the need for the physical presence of the different signatories. This thus avoids the problems of coordinating schedules and travel as well as delays related to postal shipments. On the other hand, Electronic signatures reduce manual errorsand thus compliance issues that slow down the proceedings. Submit your signature electronically and electronically Agreements with DocuSign eSignature allow you to close up to 80% of agreements in less than a day and up to 44% in less than 15 minutes. Enough to boost the sales cycle!

gain money

Electronic signature in real estate is also Great source of saving. Between writing, printing and sending, the cost of processing the sales agreement in paper form is actually estimated at 150 euros. Then DocuSign eSignature promises to have a file Average savings 33 euros per agreement By reducing operating costs and improving the productivity of your teams.

Enhanced shopping experience

The electronic signature finally contributes to the property Improving the customer experience Through an innovative, efficient and secure solution. . Environmental Impact Dematerialization of signatures It is also an interesting selling point. Thus, digital signature by electronic means is a lever for accelerating authorization takeover and a real competitive advantage. Trust DocuSign as A tool for signing a lease or sale contract !

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