'Financially, I was at the bottom of the hole': Secrets of Louis Boyard, LFI Young MP - Gala

‘Financially, I was at the bottom of the hole’: Secrets of Louis Boyard, LFI Young MP – Gala

Louis Boyard, at age 21, is the second youngest member of Parliament to be elected since the beginning of the Fifth Republic. For France Info, MP Insomes captivated his ambition and complex past without wooden language.

At just twenty-one years old, Louis Boyard was elected as Newbie’s deputy during the June legislative elections. A real achievement that makes him The second youngest member of parliament in the history of the Fifth Republic, behind his Polynesian counterpart Tematai Le Gayic (a few months younger). Former columnist at big mouths on RMC or at Cyril HanounaOver the years, the Insoumis family has built a small media reputation. If the capacity of the representative guarantees him Fairly comfortable lifestylethe son of a railroad worker who grew up between the Parisian suburbs and Vendée, Don’t forget where it came from. “My life has changed today. I know how to pay off my student loan, I am no longer insecure‘, Can we read on France Info, which has followed the new resident at the Palais Bourbon for several weeks.

Financially, I was at rock bottom. “ For the information site, Jean-Luc Melenchon’s faithful went to his former stronghold, Apollon-sur-Seine. It was on its streets that the young man briefly tried his hand at dealing. “People know I’m not Tony Montana‘, captivated the young man. If he made some mistakes of the youth, the former president of the National High School Students’ Union is committed from an early age. “There, is where we put the Interarché bags to block the entrance…‘, was assigned to a former high school student at the Institution Georges-Brassens, in Villeneuve-le-Roi, where he had in particular They protested the presence of asbestos.

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Louis Boyard, deputy ready to move the lines

In just one month of being in the National Assembly, Louis Boyard It has already been observed several times. And so, on June 28, Refused to shake hands with several elected members of the National Assembly : “Currently, we are in the context of a pandemic. The pandemic of racism, the pandemic of anti-Semitism, the pandemic of Islamophobia… Therefore for all that I call on the French, especially the President of the Republic and his friends, not to shake hands with the National Assembly “, Urged the young deputy. The head of the far-right party, Jordan Bardella, did not hesitate to respond, describing the Ansomists as Zady pesky” on Twitter. one thing is certain, Louis Boyard is not in the Bourbon Palace to play backgrounds.

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