"I saved 22,000 euros on my loan": 3 simple tips to save a lot of your credit!  - Mag Mirror

“I saved 22,000 euros on my loan”: 3 simple tips to save a lot of your credit! – Mag Mirror

After getting a mortgage, the homeowner may realize after a few years that he is paying too much, if other banks’ rates were more attractive. He can buy back his mortgage. How do you save more?

Simulate your project

  • To see if the process is suitable, it is best to simulate your buyback project on free online tools or with a calculator
  • It is estimated that a minimum difference of one point is required for a credit buyback to be considered a good deal.
  • Pay attention: whoever says to change the loan contract, assumes the obligation to request a new insurance application for the borrower to ensure the repayment of the loan with the new bank. Since your first decade, you have aged, which indicates higher monthly payments. But if you no longer have a risky job, or if you quit smoking, it may be worth it.

Make a comparison between the banks:

  • To get equal interest (repurchase the loan), the banks do not offer the same rate. So it is a question of comparing them. That’s fine, other free tools make it possible to find the bank that offers, at the time of the request, the lowest interest rate.
  • For example, it can be a loan of €200,000 over 20 years (which is the average repayment in France) taken 8 years ago at a rate of 3.35%. Knowing that the loan is repaid, over 15 years, at an interest rate of 1.10%, there is enough to save more than 22,000 euros on the entire loan.

Request support from a mortgage broker

  • This financial professional is not only there for initial loan applications, but can help you find the best offer based on your profile. Its first task is to verify that it is in your best interest to carry out this financial transaction.
  • A good tip can be to choose borrower insurance: insurance offered by the bank that will buy back the loan or go through insurance authorization by comparing the offers of third-party insurance companies.
  • When the feasibility is proven, he goes in search of the best offers for his client. Even if his service pays, by finding the cheapest offer on the market, he can let you (however) save money.

Credit recovery: everything you need to know about it

The least we can say is that if more and more people can pay close attention to credit repurchases, it can be difficult to find great opportunities. In fact, with some organizations offering credit buyback opportunities, it’s clearly not always easy to get a good deal. Thus, we have decided to offer you what appears to us to be the best opportunity to inform you of a credit buyback.

As you will find out, it turns out that a file buy back credit It is not at all easy to understand, and not always many people can find all the information they want. On the other hand, by going to a full page, with more accurate information than ever before, you will be able to understand everything about credit buyback. All you have to do after that is to turn to an institution such as a bank to allow you to buy back a credit that is really useful to you, not forgetting to compare the different offers …

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