Prime bac: Best Banking Offers of 2022

Prime bac: Best Banking Offers of 2022

PRIME BAC 2022. Which bank to go to to take advantage of the best reward? What are the conditions to benefit from it? till when ? JDN evaluates offers to graduates.

What is the baccalaureate remuneration in Credit Agricole?

Crédit Agricole is made up of several regional entities, some of which have been able to offer an award for obtaining a baccalaureate. At this point, none of them have unveiled this year’s device.

What is the remuneration for the baccalaureate at Caisse d’Epargne?

Caisse d’Epargne does not offer a baccalaureate bonus in the strict sense of chlorine, but several small formulas for its 18- to 28-year-old customers.

What is the baccalaureate remuneration at Crédit Mutuel?

Crédit Mutuel has not communicated about the bounty scheme for this year’s high school dropouts.

What is the remuneration for the baccalaureate at the Société Générale?

Societe Generale offers a €80 bonus For all of its Sobrio or Jazz show customers who earned their Bac, with or without a mention, in 2022. The show is Valid until 17 September 2022.

For non-customers, Société Generale offers a file €80 bonus when opening a bank account From the Sobrio or Jazz show. this formula, Valid until end of October 2022, includes an account, card and insurance, regardless of the male obtained in the baccalaureate. To learn more about these offers, go to the bank’s website.

What is the baccalaureate bonus at LCL?

LCL does not offer any special support to its clients who have obtained a baccalaureate, with or without a mention.

What is the baccalaureate remuneration at CIC?

In 2022, the Bank is renewing the traditional reward process for obtaining the baccalaureate with honors. Here’s what graduates can expect:

  • For a fair reference: €40
  • For reference statement: 80 euros
  • For reference very good: 160€

CIC defines on its website this “account [un livret d’épargne CIC, ndlr] The card is offered for one year. The CIC stipend will be paid to you in an open savings account at Citizenship and Immigration Canada, to put money aside, which you can use as you wish, as we specify. How can it be obtained? After getting your mention, you will need to provide a simple copy to your advisor, to attest to your success. The offer is valid until September 30, 2022.

What is the baccalaureate reward in the People’s Bank?

At Banque Populaire, the amount of the baccalaureate scholarship varies according to the regional entities. Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne, for example, pays 50 euros for everyone New baccalaureate holders, with or without a mention.

What is the bac remuneration at HSBC?

HSBC does not offer rewards to high school graduates. However, the Bank offers a welcome offer tailored to students between the ages of 18 and 28 who are enrolled in partner schools: €80 gift card They are paid for any account opening until December 31, 2022.

What is the baccalaureate reward in the Postal Bank?

Whether they get a mention or not, Postal Bank does not offer a graduate reward.

What is the baccalaureate bonus at BNP Paribas?

BNP Paribas offers an offer equivalent to that of the Société Générale, whether you’ve taken your baccalaureate with or without a mention. a €80 bonus Granted once a bank account was opened last year.

New baccalaureate holders also take into account merit-based assistance: it lives up to €900. To qualify, you must meet three conditions:

  • Submission of a student’s social profile is eligible for a student scholarship based on social criteria.
  • Get a very good male in the baccalaureate.
  • Incorporation of a higher institution at the beginning of the academic year.

“If your Student Social Profile (DSE) is accepted, you will have no further steps to take, the Public Service website assures. It will tell you if you can benefit from this merit-based assistance with an annual amount of €900.” Also look at your municipality or region. It is possible that some municipalities (Montrouge, in Hauts-de-Seine, in particular) will pay financial assistance to eligible baccalaureate holders.

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