The Buggy Chaumontais Association is betting on three events this summer - JHM

The Buggy Chaumontais Association is betting on three events this summer – JHM

The Association buggy chaumontais (ABC) should return to their home grounds at Ferme de la Peine this summer. On the list, no fewer than three events have been scheduled between now and September. Thus, ABC will serialize two back-to-back events, July 31 and August 7, before the third event scheduled for September 11.

For Julien Finot, vice president of ABC, the program is loaded, but the club and its volunteers are ready to take on the challenge. “Each of the three races requires a lot of preparation. The ground is ready thanks to the constant work of volunteers and partners.”

However, despite all this good intentions, the first event on July 31, the traditional Grand-Est UFOLEP Tour, has yet to be confirmed. The reason: the small number of participants, which jeopardizes the organization of the latter. “Maybe the date was chosen poorly, right after Rozier, when we would normally organize this event in May,” the Shomon leader admits. However, other competitions (August 7 and September 11) are on track, this time under the auspices of the French Motorsports Federation (FFSA). “Some pilots have already obtained two licenses, UFOLEP and FFSA, to participate in both tournaments, explaining that they have to make choices that do not necessarily come in favor of the July 31 event, and not being able to hold series competitions every week.”

But ABC remains ready for all eventualities. “The club voted in favor of organizing the two additional events that are part of the Challenge Ornec du Grand-Est,” resumes Julien Finot. “We already have a guarantee of welcoming, as of August 7, the current French champions and 2012 European champions in discipline. Proof that the club is working hard and still growing.”

The Ferme de la Peine steadily awaits competitors: the more of them (and there is still time for July 31), the more validated the tests will be, and the show is on time.

Laurent Jenin

Rosiere’s tour has been postponed, but the show continues

The Der et Blaise buggy was due to open its waltz events for a ground chase in the circuit at Circuit de Rosiere, on Sunday 25 July, but the northern Haut-Marnais club had to decide to postpone its round count to win the grand prize. Do UFOLEP, for administrative reasons, on September 18th.
A belated decision prompted the organizers to keep the planned event nonetheless, except that it would only have training value and would not be taken into account in the regional rankings.
Never mind, the public wanting to attend the race car laps can still go, from 9am, on the Circuit de Rosiere. The organizers decided to run the races so that the pilots can prepare for the weekend, and the refreshments and catering platform will always be in good condition.

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