The Business School will open its doors in Sanary

The Business School will open its doors in Sanary

Workers are finalizing the work of the future Senari Business School, which will open its doors next September.

“The city did a great job and really listened to our needs”explains Sandrine Ricardo, co-founder of Performance Business School.

Some rooms were enlarged, others were painted or equipped with large windows, “To create an open and bright space”Details of Kelly Size Foundation School.

The project was born from a note: the youth of the Sud Sainte Baume agglomeration community do not have enough to study here. “They have to go to La Garde, Marseille or Nice to study business, and sorry to the two women, with the cost involved.”

They spoke about their project to Sandrine Armabessaire, president of the Entreprendre Sainte Baume, who began looking for premises for the School of the Future.

89,000 euros of work

After discussion, the Picotières complex, which opened in 2014, turns out to be the best location to host the school. The city of Senari was directly enthusiastic about the project, and fully funded the development of the building, at a cost of €89,000.

The city council also supports the founders in negotiating sports activities, or even developing intergenerational coexistence.

“There are a lot of isolated elderly people here, this kind of project, with housing between 50 and 200 euros per month for students, is a blessing from God”Kelly Size details.

Diplomas are recognized by the state and range from BTS to Master’s, all the way up to Bachelor’s. The school wants to essentially open the door to learning, even if initial training is also possible.

“There is no cost to the student studying work, and with state help, companies also cost nothing”Sandrine Ricardo explains.

For Marie Aquavia, Business Director at Ma jolie’s boutique in Sanary, the project was perfect. “I was looking to hire someone for 6 months, who has a taste for beauty, but also management skills”as you say.

She found the rare pearl with a future student at the school, who had the profile “Perfect, and I can mold it to my shop’s photo.”

As a result, these business leaders are willing to hire, if students want to, too. What revitalizes the city, and makes young people want to settle in the agglomeration.

professional trainers

To train this new generation, Kelly Saez and Sandrine Ricardo rely on reverse pedagogy, that is, learning from practical cases and scenarios.

Besides diplomas, Kelly Saez and Sandrine Ricciardo were looking for enthusiastic coaches. “To recruit them, we asked them for an animated sequence, in which they had to show us their teaching skills.”

The entire team consists of about ten professionals, all entrepreneurs, managers or business leaders. Passion is what the two women seek in their students as well.

It’s not the grades that matter to usSandrine Ricardo insists, What we want is passion and good knowledge of the profession the student wants to go for. Good grades don’t always make good professionals.”

The school will be officially opened in the first week of September, and for late arrivals, registration is open until the end of October.

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