What is the cost of transportation for students?

What is the cost of transportation for students?

Graphs. Most cities offer students discounted rates for their transportation. Some even provide free transportation for those under the age of 26. Using data from the ranking of the best student cities, l’Etudiant gives you results in 45 municipalities.

Transportation prices for students in France are dropping, but this is not the case everywhere. Paris (75) is the most expensive city in FranceIt is followed by Dijon (21) and Lille (59), the only two cities to have crossed the 300-euro threshold.

Some cities are making efforts to lower the bill for young people. This is the case of Saint-Étienne (42), where the municipality reduced the student rate by 60% in four years. Thus, the subscription went from 280 euros in 2018 to 110 euros in 2022.

Other cities have gone further. From now on, Valenciennes (59) and Douai (59) offer free public transportation.. It is also necessary to take into account the expenses of Valenciennes files of up to 20 euros. If you move from Paris to Valencia, you can save up to 330 euros in transportation costs.

Comparison of transportation prices in cities

Below you will find an interactive chart where you can do it Compare transportation prices in up to seven different cities. Prices correspond to the student price, without taking into account other discounts, without administrative fees and maximum zones (for example, the price of Paris corresponds to the price of the five zones).

Additional discounts

In some cities, students who have CROUS scholarships or who receive certain assistance can benefit from a special price. It is recommended to inquire about these specific offers before choosing.. For example, the city of Marseille (13) offers prices not only for students, but also for apprentices, apprentices and young people from large families.

In addition to the traditional student rate, the city of Angers (49) offers special subscriptions for young people. In particular, it presents The student’s subscription, the price of which corresponds to the family income, that is, according to the parents’ income.

In addition to citywide discounts, there are also special fares for regional flights. For example, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in Hauts-de-France and Occitanie, the TER trip fee for students has been halved. Each region offers different offers. Feel free to go to the Service Public website, which lists all of these aids by region.

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Price and transportation offer

It must be specified If the price is higher in some big cities, it is because you are not paying for the same. Some cities like Paris are certainly more expensive but offer a dense network. In the capital, you will have access to 14 metro lines, just under 200 bus lines, five RERs and a tram. With a difference of only €35, Dijon offers trams and 18 bus routes.

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