4 major car manufacturers ready to invest in Algeria

4 major car manufacturers ready to invest in Algeria

Cars – Many car manufacturers have expressed interest in coming to invest in Algeria. Dzair Daily gives you more details in the continuation of this article on July 20, 2022.

Indeed, the head of the National Council for Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Consultation announced that four (4) major car manufacturers, European and Asian, are planning to come and invest in Algeria. They are planning to build local factories. This is what the Arabic-speaking specialist reports daily Sunrise.

This information comes in addition to the information of the Minister of Industry, who announced negotiations with international brands. And that was an explicit invitation recently made by the Prime Minister to Italian investors in the automotive sector. Consequently, the government wants to revive the sector, which has been stagnant for several years.

In addition, the Algerian government launched an appeal to international traders. This is until they come to invest in the Algerian mechanical market. This sector is in fact regulated and offers many advantages thanks to the new investment law.

Algeria is of interest to many foreign manufacturers

In the same context, the Italian Fiat Group will be the first to be targeted by this call from the Prime Minister. Because the group is the only manufacturer of passenger cars designed to meet the needs of citizens. Other Italian brands offer luxury models that are not offered for investment in Algeria.

With regard to the motorcycle industry sector, the Italian Prime Minister called on the Italians to come and settle in Algeria and transfer their experience and expertise. Negotiations are currently underway with an Italian manufacturer. It is noteworthy that the cost of the project to establish a car factory is 4 billion dollars. The first term for the car is three (3) years.

Towards the resumption of production activity in the Oran plant

These negotiations coincide with the agreement concluded between the Renault plant in Oran and the Madar Group to take over the production activity at the plant. In addition, Chinese, Korean and Indian companies will be interested in the Algerian market. They want to invest in building passenger and utility vehicles, trucks, bicycles and tractors.

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