Non-resident homeowner: Tips to reduce the cost of home insurance

Non-resident homeowner: Tips to reduce the cost of home insurance

Do you own real estate that you do not occupy? Rented or not, it is always necessary to secure it to protect yourself from all potential claims. To allow you to eliminate all the risks, a non-dominant homeowner (PNO) insurance premium can have a significant impact on your monthly budget. However, ignoring the latter is simply unimaginable, even if it is not mandatory! Fortunately, there are some solutions that allow you to effectively reduce the cost of home insurance. debriefing.

Assess basic needs

The fact that your home is not occupied, even for a limited time, does not protect it from various accidents. Fire, water damage, short circuit, etc. The damages that home insurance for a PNO can cover are numerous and allow you to remain calm at the thought of leaving your property vacant. However, to make sure you can save money, it is best to have an accurate idea of ​​the insurance needs of your uninhabited property. To this end, ask yourself the right questions and have the right feedback in determining your needs.

What basic basic guarantees should you have in your PNO home insurance? What protection do you really need? For example, if your property is not yet occupied and does not have furniture inside, there is no need to pay for the movable property guarantee. Likewise, an anti-theft guarantee will not be of any use to you. Moreover, if you do not have a large number of neighbors, then you do not have to spend on a “neighbors and third-party neighbors” guarantee. So the development phase is an essential step in making sure that you only have to pay for what you need.

Compare Offers

PNO insurance offers are now more and more important and it is important to make an accurate comparison in order to get an accurate idea of ​​which contract is right for you. Knowing that the price of home insurance is highly dependent on the parameters of your property, the price and terms may vary depending on the provider. Among other things, the PNO’s home insurance premium will depend on the rooftop area, the rent of your residence (if leased), whether the property is furnished or not, and the price of the property in use during the year.

By paying attention to comparing offers, you will have all the information regarding the premium, terms and level of warranty that you can take advantage of. This procedure allows you to achieve significant savings and allows you to distinguish which insurance house will suit all the offers offered on the market. Using an online comparison such as, the results of the competition between different insurance offers will be available within a few minutes. All formulas that adapt to the coverage you want will be tagged, eliminating the need for manual comparisons.

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