APL: MPs vote for 3.5% increase in 2022

APL: MPs vote for 3.5% increase in 2022

APL. The National Assembly on July 21 approved a revaluation of the APL by up to 3.5%, as stipulated by the Executive in its purchasing power bill. When does this measure come into effect?

[Mise à jour du jeudi 21 juillet 2022 à 18h13] On Thursday, July 21, MPs voted in favor ofAPL increase by 3.5% on July 1 retroactive. The device, built into the purchasing power bill, must now be debated in the Senate. If approved, the reassessment of the APL will represent an additional expenditure of 168 million euros for the state budget. At the same time, the National Assembly agreed to Stop the rise in rents by 3.5%..

Personal Housing Assistance (APL) is a financially tested social benefit paid by the Family Allowance Fund (CAF). It aims to reduce the amount of rent paid by the most modest tenants. Housing assistance is calculated and paid “in real time”, based on the last 12 months’ resources and no longer N-2 year resources, and this is every three months. The amount depends on the housing and family status of the applicant.

To run an APL simulation and see if you qualify for housing assistance, nothing beats going through the Caf website, which provides internet users with a simulator. A few simple information about the family’s composition and resources allow you to get, in just a few clicks, an estimate for the APL to claim it.

Among the information you will need to provide to find out your potential APL amount is your zip code, terms of occupancy of your accommodation (if you are renting, if you are accessing the property, etc.), and the nature of accommodation (detached accommodation or a room rented from a person private) … When simulating housing assistance, you will also be asked if you occupy the dwelling alone, with your spouse or with the person you live with in the dwellings, if you rent it furnished, if by agreement, what is the amount of rent … The Caf website also allows you to apply for the APL online.

Students are particularly affected by APL applications. Many of them express the need to find housing near their university, with no or few resources. Those whose parents are subject to the IFI and who are related to their tax family are no longer entitled to an APL.

Students, just as interns and people with professional contracts, have been affected by the APL reform in January 2021. Many have noticed a decrease in the amount of their aid. To remedy this, students and interns now benefit from a lump sum to guarantee a minimum amount of assistance no matter how much their income is, as long as it is still less than 7,000 euros. People with a professional contract after a few months were entitled to a certain device, reducing their income within the minimum wage to account for their rights to housing assistance.

Several conditions must be met to be eligible for an APL:

  1. Among the criteria to be met, Some of them are related to the accommodations for which the APL is requested. It must already be your primary residence: You cannot benefit from the APL on your secondary residence. Another must: Accommodation must be in France. The dwelling for which the APL is required must also meet certain standards of decency and meet minimum occupancy conditions. In particular, the property must have at least one master room providing a living area of ​​9 square metres and a minimum ceiling height of 2.20 metres or, in the absence of this, a living volume of 20 square metres.
  2. thereOther conditions for attributing the APL in relation, this time, to the applicant himself. You can apply for an APL if you are a tenant or a sub-tenant (in the case of subletting, this must be declared to the owner) of a registered dwelling, i.e. make the subject by agreement between its owner (the organization responsible for managing housing) and the state. But you can also claim the APL if you are a homeowner, provided you have taken advantage of an approved loan (or social accession loan) that was signed before February 1, 2018 (or between February 1, 2018 and December 31, 2019 for purchase in the old in a municipality located in District 3 ). You can also apply for an APL if you live in a hostel, type Ehpad, for example.
  3. Finally, to be eligible for the APL, you must complete It means the test : Your income must not exceed a certain cap that varies according to your household composition and the geographical area in which the place of residence for which the APL is required is located.

The rent considered when determining the amount of the APL falls within a certain cap that varies according to the geographical area in which the residence is located as well as the composition of the household applying for the APL. These roofs are created by decree. The following are applicable rent ceilings. Note: Region 1 corresponds to Ile-de-France, Region 2 with agglomerations of over 100,000 inhabitants and Corsica and Region 3 with the rest of the Region.

family composition Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
One person without dependents €298.07 €259.78 243.48 €
Unaccompanied couple 359.49 € 317.97 € €295.15
An individual or a couple with a dependent €406.30 357.80 € 330.94 €
For each additional dependent 58.95 € 52.08 EUR 47.43 €

Additionally, the 2016 Finance Act provides for a gradual reduction of the APL beyond a certain rent cap, or even an outright abolition of aid beyond a certain amount of rent. This measure applies to benefits paid since July 1, 2016 to tenants, joint tenants, sub-tenants and room tenants. However, it does not apply to persons with disabilities, first-time buyers, students residing in university dormitories, beneficiaries residing in hostels, living in elderly or disabled homes, living in retirement homes, in long-stay centers staying in workers’ hostels Young people are living in social housing.

diminished from deletion from
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
person 1013.44 € 649.45 € 608.7 euros 1192.28 € €805.32 €754.79
Husband 1222.27 € €794.93 737.88 € 1437.96 € €985.71 €914.97
Couple or one person with one person 1,381.42 euros €894.5 €827.35 1625.2 EUR 1,109.18 euros 1025.91 €
For each additional person + 200.43 EUR + 130.2 EUR + 118.58 EUR + 235.8 EUR + 161.45 EUR + 147 EUR

The calculation of the APL takes into account several parameters:

  • Family Resources (see below). Since January 2021, the resources used to calculate the APL are the resources of the past 12 months. All family resources are taken into account, regardless of the status of the individuals who make up it (cohabitation, PACS, marriage, etc.). The resources of persons residing with the applicant for more than 6 months on the date of application or at the beginning of the APL repayment period are also taken into account. The resources indicated here correspond to the categorical net income of the above persons. In other words, wages and property income … corrected for fees, such as alimony paid and any tax breaks (those granted to people over 65, disabled, etc.)
  • burner configuration
  • Professional status of the applicant(s)
  • Geographical location of the residence
  • When the value of the beneficiaries’ assets exceeds €30,000, it is taken into account when valuing the resources, as provided by the 2016 Finance Act (people with AAH and elderly dependents in EHPAD are not affected). After this limit, the amount of APL decreases. Concretely, the value of all real estate assets of the beneficiary, except for his principal place of residence, is now taken into account when calculating the APL. It is the rent value listed on the last tax notice for the housing tax or property tax that is authentic. Thus, beneficiaries with a second home, in particular, are targeted by this measure aimed at “refocusing housing assistance on people with modest incomes”. Savings books, including Livret A, life insurance or shares are also included in the assets considered, as provided for in the Decree establishing the determination and conditions for taking into account valuable heritage resources, published in the Official Gazette on October 16, 2016. Only the heritage which, during the reference calendar year, has not produced income retained for the establishment of the income tax in connection with the income networks referred to in Article R. 351-5 shall be taken into account when calculating from aid”, details the Executive Decree. The property in question is considered to generate an annual income equal to 50% of its rental value in the case of built buildings, 80% of this value in the case of undeveloped land and 3% of the capital amount for financial investments
  • The date of signing the loan if the APL is requested by the buyer for the first time. Note that you can apply to join the APL only if you have repaid an approved loan that was signed before February 1, 2018, or, if the loan was signed between February 1, 2018 and December 31, 2019, only if it pertains to an old residence in a municipality located in District 3.

Where do you send your APL application? An APL application can be submitted online at the Café website. It is also possible to apply for the APL via a paper form. It is collected directly from the coffee shop.

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