“I even hesitated to work at night”: these young people who combine several jobs to make a financial living

“I even hesitated to work at night”: these young people who combine several jobs to make a financial living

Testimonials – depression, fatigue, exhaustion… Some students are ready to do anything to become financially independent.

“I slept between two and four hours a night.”, recalls Elisa, 24, an aesthetics student. To fill an overdraft of two hundred euros and pay off her loan of 5,000 euros, a Lille woman combined three jobs for two years. She prepared orders, met her clients and looked after the children, and the young woman worked from five in the morning until late at night. “It happened to me not to take a break and not to eat lunchshe explained. To be able to manage, I hesitated to work the night on a fourth job..

Altogether, these three jobs brought him €1,000 per month, which is enough to guarantee that “Shopping, Payments, Picnics, Medical Appointments”. If Elisa continued the pace for more than a year, then at the beginning of the year the situation began to deteriorate. When she started to get her head out of the water, the student lost 1,500 euros in a selective scam. No response from his bank. “My doctor diagnosed my depression a month ago.”, testify. And she adds “After I stopped taking care of the children”that became ‘Can’t be supported’.

Proud of not relying on his parents

Today, Elisa continues to prepare orders at Chronodrive, risking her own physical and mental health. In addition to the numerous musculoskeletal disorders, mice appeared in the depot. “We put our hands in their droppings, while we tell ourselves to go faster”Elisa laments. She intends to stop this business soon, to devote herself only to her clients. From the beginning of the school year, the student will begin a contract of work and study in aesthetics, enough to allow her to be “financially independent”. “It’s my pride, she laughsI don’t ask for money from my parents because I don’t want to be in debt to them.”.

“I get 500 euros a week, in addition, I am exempt from taxes.”Matilda, 23 years old

A feeling shared by Matilde, 23, at BTS NDRC (Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relations). After spending two years in Australia, this student returned from the North to live with her parents. But motivated by a matter of living under their tutelage, the young woman wanted her to pay for her food, her car insurance, her petrol, and her phone bills. I started working in a pizzeria on the weekends and a few days during the week. For this six-hour contract, Mathilde received 300 euros per month. “But with the arrival of inflation, it is no longer enough”, to remember. I went looking for a second job, and found it on the other side of the border.

Every weekend, the student travels to Belgium to work twelve hours a day. From five in the morning until 5 in the evening, she takes care of the macaroon packaging in the factory. “I get 500 euros a week, in addition, I am exempt from taxes”rejoice. If the reward is attractive, it is not without risk Mathilde. Back problems and fatigue appeared. She admits that she didn’t come to class for a few days to rest, but she noticed that she is “good student”. Currently, she is looking for a work and study program to start the school year and she has stopped working at a pizzeria.

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Fatigue can cost you your life

Two years ago, Alexander, 24, began mentoring a BTS Motorcycle Maintenance Engineer. To raise money before the school year starts, he decides to become a newspaper carrier and a cleaner during the two summer months. The goal: to buy a new car without the help of his parents. “They made me understand at a very young age that money has value and that it must be earned.”Alexander insists.

Tables did not stop this “hard worker”, as he calls himself. From three to five in the morning he carried newspapers, before he collected the garbage until eleven. Two jobs brought him 2,200 euros a month. But this abnormal pace almost cost him his life. At the end of July 2021, he fell asleep on the highway, before waking up on a hard shoulder rail. “Wrecking the side of my car completely, it cost me more than 2000 euros for the bodywork”sorry.

To avoid burnout and the risk of overwork, Manuel Mallot, Career and Future Director at Edhec Business School, reminds us that we must be vigilant “the organization”: “You must not let yourself get confused and neglect your studies.” According to her, these one-time tasks are still useful for students. Allows you to gain independence and improve your CV, indicates. Before starting, Manuel Mallot advises young people to contact study directors. “They are able to assess, according to their school standards, whether students are able to work and thus avoid potential repetition or over-tiredness”concluded.

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