Living in Hauts-de-France?  Budgets to plan to buy or rent in the most popular cities

Living in Hauts-de-France? Budgets to plan to buy or rent in the most popular cities

The sudden increase in interest rates on mortgages, and the wear and tear rates at their lowest… Is it better to choose to buy or just rent in this context? With the boom in remote work and a renewed interest in mid-sized cities, many urbanites are moving away from city centers, targeting larger properties and/or outdoor spaces in the suburbs… they’re still maturing their thinking.

To guide you in your choices, Capital has teamed up with two market experts – SeLoger and Empruntis – to offer a real estate tour of France. Each month, our Housing Index “Live in X, for what budget?” It will give you basic information about your real estate project.

In this sixth edition, Capital takes you to Hauts-de-France. We’ve picked the 10 cities currently most in demand by area residents and newcomers looking to change the air: Villeneuve d’Ascq, Croix, Lannoy, Lille, Roubaix, Tourcoing, Chambly, Compiègne, Berck, Calais and Amiens. To help you with your search, we have put together the necessary budgets for each city to rent or buy a three-room apartment, a four-room apartment and a house.

Three types of merchandise compared

The monthly loan payments to be made were calculated based on a typical buyer profile: a 40-year-old, non-executive, non-smoker couple who took out a 20-year mortgage. We used the average credit rates registered in each city – between 1.55% and 1.65% – plus average loan insurance rates (secured by a 130% share of the borrowing couple).

We finally started from the principle that the family brings in sums that cover the expenses of the notary and the lecturer. Pour réaliser les simulations de crédit, nous avons pris comme référence les trois-pièces, quatre-pièces et maisons de surfaces médianes constatés dans la région : à savoir 68 mètres carrés pour un T3, trem pour 91 sré, 85 m a house. Prices were then measured – per city – from ads posted over the course of a year on SeLoger as of June 1, 2022.


The most affordable city on our list. Accommodation in an apartment costs less than 700 euros per month, whatever the configuration. Rents are more expensive than buying. Thus, becoming a landlord is a beneficial option if the conditions are met.


As in Calais, accommodation is affordable and a family can rent a four-room apartment for around 750 euros. But for the same amount, she can become a homeowner.


If they have the possibility, households settling in Tourcoing should turn to buying. Regardless of the chosen place of residence, this option is less expensive than renting.


In Lannoy, 790 euros is enough to find a four-room apartment and 720 for a three-room apartment. Once again, becoming an owner seems to be the wisest solution.


There is almost zero match between rent and acquisition, at least for living in an apartment. For their part, homes require 23% more to purchase.


House tenants, with a similar budget, will be able to get a four-room apartment. But they will have to reduce their living space by 6 square meters.


17% more for the house, between 7 and 8% for apartments: in Croix, it will always be more expensive to buy than to rent. Note that the monthly payments for a three-room apartment are almost identical to the monthly payments for a four-room apartment.

Villeneuve Dusk

This is where home prices will be the highest. More than 1,500 euros in monthly payments are necessary to become a landlord, a budget 50% higher than rent. In terms of apartment, the price difference between the two options is minimal.


To become a landlord, it will be necessary to plan a budget of 10-14% above the rent. Whatever option is chosen, the envelope for housing can not be less than 830 euros.


In the context of an apartment, it is better to be a tenant rather than a landlord. Buying a three- or four-room apartment requires a budget that is 27% higher than the rent. The situation is more balanced for homes (10% only).


A budget of 1,000 euros is enough to rent a house. But you have to plan about 50% to become the owner.

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