Loans: Access to new housing becomes more complex

Loans: Access to new housing becomes more complex



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In the face of accelerating inflation, the European Central Bank made a decision unprecedented since 2011. The institution decided to increase interest rates. This will have consequences for the cost of mortgages. Update on the 19/20 set with Olivier Poncelet.

Borrowing is already more expensive, and “The reason is very simple.”says Oliver Poncelet, in the set 19/20. “Six months ago, banks were lending at an average rate of 1.06%, today it is 1.64%.”The journalist explains. concretely, “If you borrow 200,000 euros, you have a great real estate project. Today, it will cost you 39,429 euros, which is 15,000 euros more than it was at the beginning of the year”continues Olivier Poncelet.

It gets more complicated for some French, And not just for the less wealthy.says the journalist. In the case, for example, the spouses net income of 4000 euros per month, including insurance, “In January, this family could borrow 285,000 euros over twenty years. Today, at current rates, their file no longer passes. Respecting the debt limit of 35%, according to brokers’ calculations, they can no longer borrow more than 265,000 euros. “, says Oliver Poncelet. It’s more complicated as real estate prices continue to rise.

– Data published by the Crédit Logement CSA observatory and those of INSEE and FPI (Association of Real Estate Developers)


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