- The Pleasure of Sweet Words: A Loan for Love – The Pleasure of Sweet Words: A Loan for Love

Couples coach Rose Diakette has introduced a new bibliographic gem called “The Joy of Kind Words.” A collection of poems that talk about love in all its splendor and dimensions.

Composed of 105 poems divided into 92 pages. This collection sings various forms of physical, marital, maternal and patriotic love without forgetting the love that the world bears. White cover of which 48 red hearts form a cup. The predominant colors are red, black and white.

According to author Rose Diakette, love is like the weather with the seasons, and the last poem in the book is titled Season of Love. The latter paints the different colors that love can take on over time. “Love is something that evolves. Today it’s pink tomorrow it can turn gray, and the next day it’s orange, love is like the weather. This sweet-words fun book is to help us through moments of doubt and confusion and find the right path to finding the right words to put our feelings into our feelings and reactions.” To put words on our feelings. It’s like a bandage, a balm, a perfume thrown into the air to purify. When we talk about the seasons of love, we obviously know that routine dies hard. Relationship is not a long, calm river, there are ups and downs. Love has no age and no one believes that love It is for young people. Not everyone has the strength to say I love you. How many of us sincerely hear I love you? Nowadays, we use words to hurt each other, so I prefer that we use words to love each other, to hug, and to comfort each other. The reason why I baptized this book” Sweet Pleasure is from words and not just for couples it is for everyone »says the author.

Everyone needs to hear kind, gentle and kind words. A person who hears kind words every day feels good about himself and himself. The little problems we had most often were due to lack of love, stress makes us sick. Let us learn to say positive words and feelings, let us learn to say calming words Whether in marriage, in friendship when your heart is always rosy, your mouth cannot but say fragrant words. Continue to show the power of words.

Out of a hundred poems, four are poems of appreciation dedicated to people who, in her opinion, have contributed to what she has become. Poems written in her youth when she was in high school.

Ms Niaré Fatoumata Keïta, promoter of Éditions Figuira, shared her analysis. ” This book can be called sensual poetry. A poem that accompanies young couples to strengthen them, to keep the flame of the first minutes. It is a must-have bedside book for every young couple and all couples in particular. Love in all its dimensions and form. It’s a book worth reading.”she begs.

Rose Diakette is the multi-hatred woman who, despite her active disability, is the daughter of the Kibi. The author is also a marriage counselor, a number selling tips for breaking the monotony of couples. “The Sweet Pleasure of Words” is now available in bookstores where lovers of reading are discounting 5,000 CFA francs.

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