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School insurance benefits and coverage

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L ‘school insurance It is an insurance that covers children during school, extracurricular and extracurricular activities, as well as during return trips between home and the educational institution.


  1. The financial consequences of direct material and moral damage to a third party following an accident for which the insured is liable if he is an adult or for whom the civil liability of his legal representatives will be assigned if he is a minor under Articles 1240 to 1243 of the Civil Code.
  2. Bodily injury he may sustain in the course of his private life activities: Coverage of “individual accidents”.

Each new academic year, students are required to obtain a school insurance, extracurricular and extracurricular insurance certificate. It should be noted that the certificate is valid only on the condition that the validity of the contract in question is maintained.

L ‘school insurance So it is an additional guarantee of civil liability for home insurance.

Access approaching school, And the The school Who is your child asking you? to justify from your responsible (Commercial Record) The school. Do I have to make a separate contract? Is home insurance not enough? How is this certificate obtained?

Be aware that your home insurance covers civil liability risks as it applies to all members of your family, but this school insurance also includes Individual Accident Insurance (GIA), for damages they may sustain, and even out of school warranties that are slightly more expensive and provide more comprehensive protection based on daily.

All children must be covered by school insurance, as long as they are enrolled in elective activities at school.

School insurance benefits and coverage

Good to know: You are free to choose your contract : This could be your usual insurance company or a new company, but also a group contract provided by a parent’s association or a private educational institution.

The enrollment of a child in school, such as his participation in compulsory school activities, that is, carried out within the framework of programs and during school time, cannot be subject to the presentation of an insurance certificate. However, insurance is highly recommended.

Families are free to choose their insurance. On the other hand, insurance is mandatory for optional activities in which children participate, such as certain school outings, to cover damages that the child may be liable for (liability insurance) as well as those that he may suffer. (individual) insurance – bodily injury

School insurance and civil liability

Civil Liability (RC), for harm to others: If the school asks you to provide proof of school insurance for your child, it is first of all necessary to ensure that harm to others is taken into account. In fact, any student can cause injury and damage, material or immaterial.

This coverage is provided specifically for school time, but also during home and school trips.

Today, it is imperative that parents take care of the safety of their children.

It is therefore essential to be vigilant and always keep in mind that there are potential risks that may arise when children come into contact with external hazards. However, this should not be an obstacle for parents who want their children to receive a normal and calm education.

School insurance is an effective way to allow students to go to school without fear and with utmost serenity. Parents are allowed to ensure the financial security of their children during the school year if something bad happens to one or more students because of them, or vice versa in the event of injuries.

School insurance provides full coverage against accidents in which school children may be victims, especially those who practice some dangerous sports such as: football, rugby, basketball, etc., but also those who engage in activities such as: swimming, judo, and skiing. ..

School insurance and individual accident insurance

School insurance also covers medical and surgical costs incurred by a child, including those resulting from an accident that occurred during his or her trip home or during his extracurricular activities. It can also cover the financial consequences if the child is hospitalized for more than 5 consecutive days after an accident or if they have to undergo an emergency operation (except for life-threatening emergencies).

Extracurricular insurance

School insurance can be extended with additional guarantees. This formula can be expanded to offer different formulas to the beneficiaries such as: helpAnd the 24 hour insurance at school and at home

Costs vary greatly according to the type of contract each parent chooses and according to the ages of the children involved. To get a personalized quote, feel free to consult different quotes from insurance companies, or run simulations via an insurance broker.

How is a school insurance certificate obtained?

Before the school year begins, keep an eye on your mailbox. Often, the insurance company before this during the summer will send you the certificate that it will be necessary to give to the organization. More practical, you can download it more often from the subscribers area of ​​your insurance.

How much does school insurance cost?

School insurance rates start around 10 euro per year and per child. However, for subscribing to a particular contract, the free cost is determined by the insurance company.

School accidents: how school insurance can help

School accidents represent dangers that can occur at school, but also at home and in the context of leisure or vacation time.

There is school insurance for this type of risk. Its scope is usually limited and does not cover all accidents: it does cover bodily injuries to children, but it does not cover injuries related to falls, burns or drowning, for example.

  • In the event of school accidents, parents have to face a relatively high bill (hospital costs, treatment costs and dental costs). These fees can be expensive.
  • If your children are injured following a school accident, it will be difficult for them to resume their lessons the next day and childcare assistance may be provided under contract.

School insurance: effective protection against school risks

Back to school for children is often a time of stress and anxiety for parents.

School risks are many: accidents, violence, extortion … School insurance is the perfect solution to protect you in the event of a claim. It provides complete protection for your child, so they can fully enjoy their back to school without worrying about the next day.

Your insurance company has considered various criteria, such as your child’s age or sports activity, in order to offer you school insurance that matches his needs. For example, if your child engages in regular sports and is the victim of an accident on the way between his home and school, he will be covered by school insurance which will then cover medical and pharmaceutical costs. Injuries sustained.

With school insurance, you can also benefit from direct compensation corresponding to the financial losses incurred during the temporary suspension period (up to 100% of the sum insured).

School insurance protects your child from damages that you may cause or sustain in school, college or high school. In principle, school insurance is optional. However, it may be mandatory in some cases. so School insurance is optional for all compulsory school activitiesbut she Required for any optional activity Like a canteen or a language course.

Without school insurance, your child will be excluded from certain activities like other students!

In conclusion, although school insurance is not mandatory in France, it is highly recommended for all students. It covers risks related to school life and extracurricular activities. The extent of the guarantees depends on the type of insurance chosen.

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