Étudiant: comment profiter des repas à 1 euro à la rentrée 2022 ?

Student: How do you benefit from 1 euro meals at the beginning of the 2022 school year?

Meals return at €1 at the beginning of the school year for all students! All you have to do is be a scholarship holder or fill out an online form.

Unfortunately, inflation also affects students. So it is not easy to manage your budget and eat properly. Therefore, you will be able to take advantage of meals at the price of 1 euro from September. action taken by the state.

Insecurity severely affects young people

When you become a student, all expenses are accounted for. Often, young people even ask for a loan at a shortage. If you are interested, this is also possible To borrow up to 20,000 euros No guarantor! positive point.

But the biggest expense, of course, is the meals. Then we see the front line Long associations. Because many students cannot make ends meet and therefore struggle to eat properly. And with inflation nothing gets better.

On the contrary even! The prices of basic foodstuffs are rising. + 15% for pasta for example. Therefore, according to recent studies, 16% of students skip a meal to save money. A discovery that raised the state’s concern this year.

Fortunately, the associations distribute baskets of balanced meals to the most at-risk students. Solidarity refrigerators are also prepared for holidays. concept? Donate what’s left in your fridge before going on vacation.

This avoids wastage and can help young people in need. But at the beginning of the school year, new aids will be introduced to try and help students financially. This will actually pass through Crous.

Student: Meals for 1 euro?

Already, you should know that Crous will revalue the stock market by 4%. It doesn’t do much but can still help students. An aid of 100 euros will also be paid on social norms. but that is not all ! it’s the Return meals for 1 euro!

From the beginning of the academic year, the price of meals in the university canteen will be 1 euro! Be it lunch or dinner! So the goal is to allow those who are sedentary to eat properly. If you are a scholarship holder, there is no need to do anything.

This rate will be applied to you directly. If you are not a scholarship holder but have financial problems, You will have to request it. All you have to do is fill out a survey on the Crous website. But this is actually possible!

So these €1 meals can help all students eat well! Especially that it is Lunches but also evening meals! Two meals for one euro, and that’s a real saving! With all that said, the start of the school year should go well.

Also remember that you can buy used school supplies. It can save you money, too. Among the various aidswallet and meals at 1 euro, Going back to school promises to be less stressful.

But for now, it’s the holidays! And you have to take advantage of it. So far, take advantage of this summer to get rid of all the stress of the year. You deserve it! So we wish you all a happy holiday. And back to school!

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