This online bank offers you its gold card for one year with many advantages

This online bank offers you its gold card for one year with many advantages

You undoubtedly have a bank account, either in a traditional bank or in an online bank. It is possible that this account is associated with a bank card that you use often. But are you satisfied with it? Does your existing bank card offer you attractive benefits every time you use it? Odds are the answer is no! Which is a shame, because you lose a lot of possibilities.

The FLOA Bank Gold Card ** offers many advantages. It is directly linked to your regular checking account, and you just have to use it like any other bank card to take advantage of its benefits. Currently, FLOA Bank offers you this for one year: you have no contribution to pay for 12 months, which allows you to take advantage of it without restrictions.

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What are the benefits of the Floa Bank Gold Card?

One of the first strengths of the FLOA Bank Gold Card is that it allows you to accumulate cash back every time you use it. This means that each of your payments with your card allows you to earn a percentage of your spend: 2% at Casino and Cdiscount and 1% elsewhere. For example, if you spend €100 in Cdiscount, you earn €2. Your cat can climb quickly and you can then reuse it to pay for your purchases. Cashback also accrues when you make online payments!

The Gold Card also gives you access to payment solutions in 4 installments*** free of €60 from purchase in the casino. On Cdiscount, payment in 3x 5x 10x 20x is offered throughout the year and 4, 6 and 10x payments are offered free during promotional periods. Added to this are the insurance guarantees attached to the card, which allow you to travel with peace of mind as it includes medical assistance, travel assistance, civil liability or even insurance against loss and theft of your gold bank card. Plus, your purchases are also protected by an extended manufacturer’s warranty of up to two years.

  • Example of 1st use of €3,000 of a credit that is annually renewable (2) of €6,000: 56 monthly payments of €81.00 and last one (2) monthly payment of €43.56 (excluding optional insurance) at the reconsiderable APR rate 21.10% and a reviewable borrowing rate of 19.149%. Total amount owed by the borrower = €4579.56 based on premiums excluding optional insurance. Maximum monthly cost of optional insurance (4) = €21.04 plus monthly premium. The effective annual rate of insurance is 10.627%. The total amount payable under the insurance is €744.95.

The FLOA Bank Gold Card includes all these benefits and more. Its usual price is 4.5 euros per month, or 54 euros annually. But by signing up today, you are offered a one-year subscription. So you can enjoy it without restrictions and discover all its benefits for free for 12 months.

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How is the Gold Card used on a daily basis?

The card offered by FLOA Bank is directly linked to the checking account in your regular bank: when you make a payment with it, the purchase amount is debited as usual. Nothing changes for you, except for the bank card you use every day. You can get an overview of the cumulative amount with your Gold Card from your account on the FLOA Bank website.

Of course, the Gold Card not only allows you to pay for your purchases in stores or on the Internet: you can also make cash withdrawals from all ATMs in the eurozone, up to 1,000 euros over 7 consecutive days. Your card is also valid for international payments, in more than 200 countries around the world, it belongs to the Mastercard network.

The credit is obligated to you and must be repaid. Check your ability to pay before committing.

FLOA Bank is the brand under which the financial and banking products of FLOA, the leader in payment solutions in France, are marketed.

The Gold FLOA Card is a supplementary credit card with yearly renewable credit. Can be used with cash or credit, at the time of payment.

* Terms of the welcome offer are valid until 23/8/2022. The welcome offer includes a free card subscription for 12 months of subscribing to the Gold Card on

** Subject to FLOA acceptance of your file.

*** Free 4 times: with the Gold Card, pay for your purchases in 4 installments for free in Géant Casino stores from purchases of €60. Example of a €60 financing: 4 monthly payments of €15, 0% fixed APR, 0% fixed borrowing rate. Total amount owed by the borrower, excluding optional insurance: €60. Your store covers the cost of this special use of your revolving credit. In the case of subscribing to the optional borrower’s insurance, the maximum monthly cost of the insurance will be 0.41 euros; Tayeh: 8.602%. The total cost of the insurance: 1.04 euros. Your store does not cover the cost of insurance.

(1) Cashback = Cashback in the form of vouchers. The FLOA Bank Gold Card allows you to accrue 2% of the amount of purchases made at the Géant Casino and Cdiscount brands (instead of 1% with traditional FLOA Bank cards) to be used at the mentioned brands. See the conditions on the website. Cashback Account: 2% on all your Casino purchases (Géant Casino, Hyper and Supermarket Casino excluding fuel, gas and outside sales), Cdiscount and 1% on all payments made elsewhere with your Gold Card (excluding withdrawals, money transfers and money withdrawals) ) donated in the form of vouchers at Casino and Cdiscount. Example: You pay €300 at Casino or Cdiscount (food, home appliances, games, etc.) with your Gold Card = €6 accrual (€300 x 2%). You spend €400 with your Gold Card in other stores on daily purchases (fuel, shopping, entertainment, etc.) = you accrue €4 (€400 x 1%). You have therefore collected €10 which will be paid to you in the form of vouchers worth €5 on your purchases in casino stores and €5 on your orders on

(2) Subject to FLOA acceptance of your file and after the statutory withdrawal period has expired. Condition values ​​are valid on 07/01/2022 and are subject to revision.

(3) Monthly payments include principal, interest and optional insurance to the borrower if you have subscribed to it. The total cost of credit varies depending on the term and amount borrowed. The monthly payment cannot be less than 15 euros. The amount of the monthly payments is variable according to the total amount of the credit and a percentage of the outstanding capital generated by all your uses, namely: Monthly payments on credit according to the following scale: up to €3,000: APR reconsiderable from 21.10% Any reviewable borrowing rate of 19.149%, premium Monthly 4.20% of the capital employed or 3.75% without insurance. Beyond €3000: Revisitable APR of 9.86%, i.e. revisitable discount rate of 9.404%, monthly payment of 2.65% of capital employed or 2.20% without insurance. Example of usage on 01/07/2022, based on the first installment after 30 or 31 days from the date of use and without new use or revision of the discount rate.

(4) Or 0.69% of outstanding loans. The highest monthly insurance cost, calculated for a borrower under 66 years of age that is covered in the event of death, total and irreparable loss of independence (PTIA), temporary total disability to work (ITT) and loss of employment for a borrower under age 66. FLOA has entered into the contract with ACM VIE SA (SA with share capital of €778,371.392 – RCS Strasbourg 332377597 – Headquarters: 4 rue Frédéric-Guillaume Raiffeisen – 67000 Strasbourg Postal address: 63 Chemin Antoine Pardon, 69814 TASSIN cedex ASS) and SERENIS SA 16 (SA with share capital) €422,000 – RCS ROMANS 350838686 – Head office: 25 rue du Docteur Henri Abel, 26000 VALENCE – Postal address: 63 Chemin Antoine Pardon, 69814 TASSIN cedex), companies subject to the Securities Act.

FLOA – SA with a share capital of €55,136,600 – Building G7, 71 rue Lucien Faure, 33300 Bordeaux – RCS Bordeaux 434 130 423. Construction under the control of the Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR) 4 Place de Budapest, CS 92459, 75436 Paris cedex 09 It is registered with ORIAS ( under the number: 07028160.

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