He saves a man from death and is placed under arrest after two hours

He saves a man from death and is placed under arrest after two hours

He was released two days later in a detention center. On Wednesday morning, the young student, Mokhtar Chad, went early to a store contracting In which he worked as a seasonal worker for two years, Rentrée Discount. He doesn’t know yet that this day will be as positive as negative for him.

“Around 6:30 a.m., a conveyor collapsed in the parking lot, turning blue. Team leader Mukhtar and another colleague called emergency services and told them how to perform a heart massage. They took turns until help arrived. They saved his life. Two hours later, the police arrived at the warehouse And I took Mukhtar away,” explains Mary Lees, warehouse manager.

I thought law enforcement wanted to question the employee about his morning call. In fact, he took over the management of the detention center. The young man already possesses a “Certificate of Application for the Extension of his Residence Permit” that allows him to remain on French soil while awaiting a residence permit. But it is actually fake. Although he is enrolled at the university, he has been obliged to leave the territory since last February.

petition support

He arrived in the area in 2018, but after three years, the authorities have not renewed his title. “While his document was about to expire, he was afraid of having to leave, he did something stupid. But it works, and is so much appreciated by an employer willing to give it back, that 150 people signed a petition to support him,” his attorney, Elfred Dupuy Chapin, said Friday after his release hearing. After his arrest, he “does not pose a threat to public order.”

The judges heard it. A relief to his supporters. “Mukhtar is the one who participates, always helpful, discreet. We were surprised to learn that his papers were not in order, because every time we hire a foreigner, we send the documents to the prefecture, which if they don’t respond within 48 hours, it is to check the “If he needs a promise to help him, we’ll do it,” says Marie Lees.

Now Mukhtar is free again. But he “hasn’t come out of the woods,” defines his lawyer, who hopes the mobilization will continue. On the other hand, because the prosecution can appeal. On the other hand because he still does not have a residence permit. “But in any case, he has nothing to do in the detention center,” begs Elfred Dupuy Chapin.

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