Health: Birth of CPTS Auxois-Morvan

Health: Birth of CPTS Auxois-Morvan

The Regional Health Agency and the Primary Health Insurance Fund finance a health coordination structure for more than 33,000 people in Oxwa Morvan. The contract was signed on Friday, July 22nd in Vito.

The regional occupational health community of Auxois-Morvan was born in Vito on Friday 22 July 2022 with the signing of a partnership contract with the regional health agency Burgundy-Franche-Comté and the Côte-Golden Basic Health Insurance Fund. “Oxwa Morvan health professionals work together for the health of the people of their territory,” summarizes the ARS.

The CPTS Auxois-Morvan brings together about sixty self-employed caregivers as well as hospital or retirement home employees: general or specialist practitioners, midwives, nurses, masseurs-physiotherapists, pharmacists … and covers a territory of 158 municipalities. It has a total population of 33,340 people. This is the fifth CPTS in the Cote d’Or.

The signing was signed in the presence of the caregivers by Alain Guebbelin, Côte-d’Or County delegate from ARS, Lillian Vachon, Director of Caisse d’Assurance Maladie de Côte-d’Or, and Annick Boutier, Liberal Nurse and Head of CPTS Auxois-Morvan.

The health crisis has accelerated the establishment of CPTS

The genesis of this regional health professional community in Auxois-Morvan dates back to the creation of the Group of Health Professionals (GPSAM) in 2010. “It created dynamic,” Annick Pottier recalls, and this led to the emergence of association groups that led to the Coordination Support System (DAC 21). Its western branch offices are located in Vito.

The original group has not only withstood the health crisis, but has been strengthened to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic by participating in the organization of screening and then vaccination centers.

Thus, the Covid-19 epidemic has accelerated the formation of these CPTS. “We had to go quickly, follow strong security protocols, all this plus restrict travel procedures. (…) the professionals started talking to each other. We needed doctors, nurses and pharmacists who vaccinated,” Allen Guibelin recalls.

Ma Santé 2022 CPTS Preferred

The Ma Santé Law 2022, led by former Minister Agnès Buzyn, encouraged the development of the CPTS created by the 2016 Touraine Law.

In November 2021, the health professionals in the historic group decided to work on creating a CPTS covering Auxois-Morvan.

Funding from the ARS of €30,000 made it possible to appoint a Project Manager to support the caregivers in their definition of the care project and it was then endorsed by CPAM and ARS.

Facilitating access to care in rural areas

“This association of professionals makes it possible to offer another way of caring for our patients in the area and to develop nearby services that are easily accessible in the city (…) but access is very complicated in rural areas. The idea is to provide broader care to the population adapted to the evolution of care and public health practices in Territory,” explains Annick Pottier.

Compared to GPSAM, CPTS covers a larger area, including Montbard, and benefits from long-term funding. “CPTS settles in time” welcomes the chair.

“The aim of the CPTS is to unite all medical and paramedical entities in an area,” she adds, referring to the Semur-en-Auxois Hospital Center, the Haute Côte-d’Or Hospital Center or again at La Roche-en-Brinell Health Centre.

In a rural area affected by a decline in medical demographics, Allen Gubelin notes “the many needs expressed by residents” as well as “a lot of energy to respond to” within the new CPTS. In oxoamorphan, 8% of adults do not have a doctor.

For her part, Lillian Fashion welcomes the ‘crowning’ of the Interdisciplinary Consortium of Health Actors Project and the ‘Good News for Region Health Professionals and Living Area Population’.

Three mandatory tasks

The Ma Santé Law 2022 provides for the mandatory integration of three core tasks in the CPTS project: improving access to care, in particular unscheduled care and access to the attending physician, regulating pathways around the patient and developing prevention.

CPTS Auxois-Morvan intends to focus specifically on the development of telemedicine, the role of the pharmacist-reporter and on health education in the school.

Health insurance will provide 50,000 euros annually to cover the costs of operating the structure. This funding will be extended, up to €200,000, if the CPTS meets the goals set in the sponsorship plan.

With this new structure, 93.6% of Cote d’Or is now covered by the CPTS network. ARS and CPAM speak with professionals from Châtillonnais and Pouilly-en-Auxois to reach 100% over the medium term.

However, Lilian Vachon notes that “in the space of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, the Côte-d’Or is the most advanced area”. Other structures are CPTS Center 21, CPTS Pays d’Or, CPTS 21/52 and CPTS Sud Côte-d’Or.

CPTS, the ‘element of attractiveness’ for caregivers

“All medical and paramedical professionals are invited to take part in this great adventure,” said Annick Pottier, who hopes to rapidly increase the number of CPTS Auxois-Morvan members.

Thus, the President sees CPTS as an “attractive element” for caregivers in the Territory. Auxois-Morvan can accommodate double the number of practitioners. In particular, there is a shortage of physiotherapists and midwives.

In terms of scheduled care, some private physicians in the Territory are already participating in on-call service in hospital emergency situations, and the Ma Santé Act 2022 urges strengthening this link between private medicine and public hospitals.

Recruitment in progress

To participate in this “great adventure”, the new CPTS is opening the door to recruitment for the position of Support Coordinator for someone who lives in the relevant territory or chooses to settle there.

Graduates of a professional master’s degree in management and evaluation of health organizations, nurses or medical secretaries with coordination experience, are welcome. The office will be set up in the future multidisciplinary health center in Vito, which is scheduled to open next October.

Jean-Christophe Tardefon

Presentation of CPTS Auxois-Morvan by ARS

CPTS Auxois-Morvan covers the territory of 33,340 inhabitants and 158 municipalities in the west of Côte –
– the community of the communes of Montbardois (Montbardois in particular);
– Community of the municipalities of Pays d’Alésia and Seine: Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, Venarey-lès-Laumes,
very sousse salmise…;
– Terres d’Auxois commune: Epoisses, Semur-en-Auxois, Vitteaux, etc.;
– Saulieu commune community: La Roche-en-Brénil, Saulieu, etc.
– the western part of the Pays d’Arnay commune (Liernais in particular).

Facilitate access to the treating physician

The contract signed by specialists, ARS and health insurance, which allocates long-term funding to the project, is primarily aimed at improving access to patient care.
In particular, this includes facilitating access to a general practitioner in an area that benefits no more than 8% of patients over 17 years of age.
How ? In particular, by undertaking coordination work to connect interested patients with professionals accepting new patients.
CPTS is also committed to the development of telemedicine: telemedicine (screening for heart failure), teledermatology, etc.

care cycle

Another priority task: facilitating the pathway of care, especially in relation to the elderly in and out of hospital, but also in terms of mental health (training in mental disorders for professionals, communication between hospital teams, the medical-psychiatric center and the care department. home, etc.).
The CPTS will also enhance the role of the correspondent pharmacist: delegation of activities and business between physicians and pharmacists, possibility of ensuring periodic renewal of chronic treatments, etc.

Teaching, internal supervision…

The team will also implement preventive measures: health education workshops in nursery and primary schools, healthy food workshops, promotion of physical activities, etc.
It will again mobilize society in favor of the continuous training of its professionals and the attractiveness of its territory to young people: tutoring, promoting mastery of internships or health professions in secondary schools and colleges in the territory.

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