Mortgage loan: employee savings, this is a boost to enhance your personal contribution

More than half of the French use their salary savings as a contribution to their real estate project. This was revealed by the survey conducted by Opinion Way for Epsor.

While the National Assembly just adopted the purchasing power bill, here’s a device that has the wind in its sails: employee savings. Employee savings, through rewards such as profit sharing or sharing, is an ideal lever to achieve this goal and is even becoming more important in compensation packages, points out a study by fintech Epsor with opinion method(1) .

According to the survey, 76% of French people consider employee savings an attractive feature in their compensation package. For 35% of them, this is the main advantage, especially among young people aged 25-34 (43%) and among those with savings of more than 10,000 euros (49%). An advantage that could be enhanced if the Senate passed the purchasing power bill. In fact, among the measures presented we find Extending the term of profit sharing agreements Three to five years.

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Employee savings as real estate contribution

Thanks useful taxthe possibility of employer matching, and Dynamic savings plans, employee savings constitute a real reserve pocket for building one’s life projects, the study identifies. 56% of the people surveyed who own their primary residence also claim to have used their employees’ savings as a contribution to their real estate project. In fact, in some cases, it is possible to open an employee savings plan for prime housing.

Lack of information prompts caution

The employee savings specialist survey also highlights the need for the French for more information. 43% demand more explanations about managementinformation and Communications explained, More clear and regular.

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This lack of information leads to a certain reluctance to make more risky investments. 53% of respondents save in risk-free or conservative cars. According to the survey, the 27% of French people prefer dynamic investmentsmore specifically executives and people whose savings exceeded €5,000 over the past three years.

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The government has shown its willingness to develop employee saving schemes, particularly through profit sharing, profit sharing, or employee profit distribution. And this is good news, because these are benefits that employees themselves prefer. These benefits can form real pockets of savings for beneficiaries, but the allocations are very unequal, due to a lack of information on the part of companies and managers of employee savings plans, comments Benjamin Pedrini, Epsor CEO.

(1) A survey conducted by OpinionWay among 801 employees of companies with at least one employee benefiting from at least one employee savings scheme between May 11 and May 18, 2022.

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