Real Estate Investing: Start Quiet

Real Estate Investing: Start Quiet

If the French continue to view real estate investing as a safe haven, real estate prices are on the rise at the moment. In order to carry out your purchasing project, it is best to be well prepared to make the right choices. The comparison device at lesfurets developed the online home loan estimator tool, which is a quick and easy solution to save money and move forward with confidence.

Real estate prices in France

The numbers from the Credit Monitor/CSA on mortgages are eloquent. Within three months, the average rate increase accelerated (+28 basis points), reaching 1.38% in May 2022 (versus 1.28% in April) and the downturn was confirmed in the market. It must be admitted that the French economic situation does not help: a decrease in purchasing power or an overall rise in the price of housing are all factors that complicate the purchase, or simply planning towards this type of investment. The war in Ukraine also had a strong effect on family morale and turned what had been just a downturn into a real downturn in the market.

We also note that the buying public is changing and more and more aligned with the wealthier families. There are fewer and fewer loans, and their average term has increased. Finally, the level of personal contribution has continued to rise since 2019, but the dynamism of the credit market has been affected, and the purchase of real estate remains a complication for many French people whose contribution is no longer sufficient.

Mortgage Simulator: Why and How?

In view of this situation, the need to be well prepared for the implementation of a real estate project is of particular importance. To dispel doubts and find the most appropriate response to your personal situation, online mortgage loan simulation tools, such as, are a great help.

The real estate loan simulator developed by Lesfurets makes it possible to accurately assess the various expenses and strategies associated with the purchase of real estate, from monthly loan payments to notary fees, including borrowing capacity and debt ratio. So, it’s simple. All you have to do is fill in your net monthly income, your expenses, your contribution if you have one, and your personal situation (buy alone or as a couple). Then, the tool allows you to adjust the parameters to find the account that best matches each of them.

This simulation is free and fast. It allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises and adapt your financing plan so that it is optimal. Such an approach makes it possible to obtain a clearer view of its possibilities and limitations; For savings in the early stages and more calmly choose the most advantageous offer.

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