Sicavonline: Grow your savings by getting a life insurance policy

Sicavonline: Grow your savings by getting a life insurance policy

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Investing in a life insurance contract: a great solution to increase your savings

In these times of crisis, it is legitimate to wonder what investments to make to continue increasing your savings. Signing up for a life insurance contract can be the perfect solution as it allows you to build capital for the future with various goals such as transferring or even evaluating your savings. Moreover, it is one of the investment products favored by the French, more specifically the multiple support contract that makes up the majority of contracts in the market. In fact, it is valued because it allows, on the one hand, to adjust the risk according to the individual’s particular needs, personal and financial situation and risk appetite, and on the other hand, to combine two types of investments: the “Euro funds” section and the so-called “Linked Units” section.

Thus, the most attractive contracts on the market allow policyholders to diversify their savings by utilizing a wide range of unit-linked vehicles, and offer different management options, such as delegated management or free management. However, it is worth noting that unit-linked products carry a risk of capital loss.

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Compose: Low-cost online membership contract

KOMPOZ is among the most attractive life insurance contracts for 2022, in part because its rates are among the lowest on the market. Membership, payments and arbitration are done 100% online on the Sicavonline website. Compose allows individuals wishing to invest without entry fees and no deposit fees. This contract offers different management methods, namely free management, security delegated management or no security. In the free management, the annual management fee ranges from 0.50% to 0.85%, depending on the part invested in the fund in euros and units of account. As for arbitration costs, they are 0% within the limits of 15 arbitrations per calendar year. Thereafter the arbitration fee is 1% of the arbitration amount. In delegated management, the arbitration fee is 0%, and the annual management fee is 0.75%. Implementing scheduled payments reduces the administration fee by 0.05% in the free administration.

Compose: Offer for new members

Until December 31, 2022, for any subscription to the KOMPOZ life insurance contract, gift vouchers up to €200 are provided under the terms **

With KOMPOZ, document holders benefit from a wide range of account units. Whatever the amount invested, members have access to more than 700 investment vehicles. Do you want to invest responsibly? The contract offers a selection of funds called Socially Responsible Investing to offer you a complete choice. It is also possible to invest 100% in the Euro Fund, to choose pledges for collective investment in Convertible Securities (OPCVM) from over 500 to choose from, or to choose one of the 20 real estate supports on offer, such as SCPIs and SCIs. Finally, KOMPOZ also offers more than 40 trackers (ETFs), which are funds that aim to replicate variations in a stock market index, and more than 130 live securities (live stocks).

Remember that unit-linked products carry a risk of capital loss.

Take advantage of the combo offer

On, invest in a flexible life insurance contract. KOMPOZ is a 100% online solution, adapted to your needs and circumstances.

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Risks of investing in units of account

Desire for a better return accompanied by risk, unit-related support represents the risk of losing capital. Amounts invested in units of account are not guaranteed; They are subject to upward or downward fluctuations depending in particular on the development of financial markets. It is stated that past performance does not affect future performance. In some cases, the insurance company may not be able to invest or withdraw certain investments from the account units. Depending on the regulations, it may therefore be necessary to temporarily suspend or restrict certain operations in the contract.

investment period

Life insurance contracts are long-term products and must be taken into account with each personal case, desired goals and planned retention period.

The complexity of a life insurance contract

An insurance contract is not a simple product and can be difficult to understand.

Compose is a group life insurance policy insured by Ageas France and marketed by Sicavonline as an insurance broker. The participant of the KOMPOZ contract is the Personaliz Epargne Digitale Association, became a member of the association and joined the KOMPOZ contract.

SICAVONLINE, a public limited company with a capital of €8000.004 Head office: 50 place de l’Ellipse – CS 50053-92985 Paris La Défense Cedex – RCS of Nanterre n° 423973494 – INTRACOMMUNITY VAT N°: FR 40423973494 Approved investment by Prudential Control and Settlement Authority No. 19253. Insurance brokerage company and broker in banking operations and payment services, registered with ORIAS under No. 18001256,

Ageas France
A limited life insurance company.
A company governed by the insurance law approved by the Prudential Supervisory Authority, with a capital of 159,221,273.61 euros.
Registered in the Register of Commerce and Companies in Nanterre with No. 352191167,
Its registered office is located at Village 5 – 50 place de L’Ellipse – CS 30024 – 92985 Paris La Défense Cedex

** Valid only for any first subscription to the Compos life insurance contract before 12/31/2022 inclusive.

A multi-brand gift voucher of €100 for a minimum down payment of €5,000.

A multi-brand gift voucher of €200 for a minimum down payment of €10,000.

This offer, subject to the conditions, is valid only for any first subscription to the KOMPOZ life insurance contract within the limits of the available circumstance, carried out before 12/31/2022 inclusive, and shall not be decisive in your choice of investment.

The gift voucher will be e-mailed to the customer, to the e-mail address provided upon joining, three months after joining the Composite Contract, provided that joining the Compose Contract is still in effect at this time.

The offer is limited to subscribing to a combo contract.

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