What do you want to know about electric car insurance?  - AVEM

What do you want to know about electric car insurance? – AVEM

Nowadays, Buying electric cars It appears to be a very popular alternative for individuals. Indeed, in order to switch to green navigation, many choose this solution. less polluting for the environment. Obviously, owning a car means certain obligations, including insurance obligations. What do you want to know about this? Here are some answers.

Is electric car insurance mandatory??

Like any motorized vehicle, the electric vehicle must be insured. This legal obligation relates at least to the participation of a liability insurance. This is nicknamed Third party insurance“,” Covers material, physical and moral damages that you may cause to a third party. Thus, in the event of an accident on the wheel of your electric vehicle, the insurance company will cover any related damage (carried on a pedestrian, passenger, other vehicle, public or private property).

However, if you are injured or your vehicle is damaged, these aspects will not be covered.no compensation. That is why it is recommended to choose more comprehensive warranties for electric vehicle insurance. This is particularly the case with Equation “all risks» Which includes fire, damages from all accidents, broken glass, and theft coverage.

The special case of LOA

For people who prefer to acquire a LOA (rent with option to buy), The minimum insurance required by landlords is generally related to the “all risk” formula. This level of requirement is justified by the characteristics of the lease with the option to purchase. Indeed, with this choice, individuals can:

  • use new electric car Without facing real acquisition expenses (individual pays only monthly rent)
  • Include various costs in rent for saving (Maintenance, insurance, possible contribution to the disposal of the vehicle at the end of the contract, etc.).
  • Return the car at the end of the contract (rent a brand new one if necessary)

Hence, manufacturers or other organizations offering this type of offering prefer to be considerate in terms of insurance. It must be said that despite the abundance Available Aid To accompany the purchase of electric vehicles, individuals increasingly prefer the acquisition of LOA. This is due to the mentioned advantages.

Does electric car insurance cost less??

Generally, electric car insurance rates are cheaper than electric car insurance rates Vehicle thermal insuranceOr gasoline or diesel. The number one reason behind this situation is the desire of insurance companies to encourage the acquisition of ecological transportation. The electric vehicle, which has zero CO2 emissions, is particularly consistent with this profile. It goes without saying that various financial exemptions accompany its use.

Various statistics also reveal that electric cars are less prone to traffic accidents due to Shorter mileage from other vehicles. This is again an asset that pays insurers to offer attractive bonuses, discounts or checks to electric car policyholders.

How to find the best insurance contract?

To find a worthwhile insurance offer, it is important to follow a very specific methodology, in particular:

  • use View comparison ;
  • Adopt some best practices.

Use display comparison

It seems that using compare is very useful for finding a file satisfactory contract. This is a tool available on many websites that perform analytics to provide you with a file Offers that fit your budget So are your needs. To do this, it depends on criteria such as available guarantees, discounts, general and specific terms, level of coverage, etc.

Follow some good habits

In addition to using display comparison, it remains important to adopt it Some good habits To make sure you lower the premium and save money on your contract. These practices apply to users of electric vehicles and any other driver profile. distinguish:

  • accompanying driving option;
  • Re-negotiate the contract
  • Stripping the reporting of small claims.

Choose Accompanied Driving

This practice is primarily intended for young drivers. In fact, premiums for these profiles are generally higher than for other driver categories due to the higher risk of accidents. Therefore, the choice of accompanied driving makes it possible to reassure insurance companies that a premium reduction.

Re-negotiate your contract

With electric cars, the risk of accidents (limited speed, short travel distances, etc.) is reduced. Also, if you are a meticulous driver, you can reach the deadlines for your insurance contracts without losing. At every deadline, you can Ask about discounts In the following decade because of the accident-free year. In fact, there are advantages reserved for good drivers. Use these assets to take advantage of an interesting offer.

Do not report small claims

It is not necessary to report all accidents to your insurance company. In fact, insurance companies estimate the level of risk you are taking on your contract with your data and increase the premium accordingly. Thus, making all claims public will undoubtedly increase the penalty and, accordingly, your contributions. It is better Refrain from reporting certain cases Especially those that you can quickly settle with the victim.

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