Fires in the Gard: Learning lessons from the past

Fires in the Gard: Learning lessons from the past


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S. Brunn, M. Dreujou, T. Mongellaz, V. Huon, Drone: Sdis 30 – France 2

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In August 2019, GENERACa municipality in Gard, Cannes I touched dramatic fires. The fear of a new fire is on everyone’s mind every day. Three years later, where’s the reconstruction?

Since June 15, firefighters have been on constant alert in GENERAC (Gard). In this small village, four tank trucks, two ATVs and 22 firefighters are equipped. He barely appeared with the device in place. With dryness and heat, the risk of fire is at an extreme, so you need to be prepared. Firefighters benefit from new self-protection vehicles.

400 firefighters are mobilized every day as a precaution at Gard. It’s double three years because, In 2019, a massive fire broke out GENERACsouth of Nimes. 800 hectares burned. A tracker pilot died during the operation. Dominica Ricome It lost 10% of its vineyards to the fire. He has planted new feet, but he can’t take advantage of them yet. 60 hectares His forests burned, so he began to replant them. It will take about thirty years for young shoots to form a thicket.

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