Haut-Doubs, why hail isn't a natural disaster

Haut-Doubs, why hail isn’t a natural disaster

As firefighters, residents and volunteers are mobilized to protect rooftops in the hail-ravaged villages of Noel Cerno, Le Barbu or La Chenalot during the July 20 storms, the Dobbs County declaration indicates that there will be no declaration of a state of natural disaster that prompts misunderstanding of netizens. In fact, the wallet only applies the insurance code.

Hail may be a natural phenomenon, but it is not an event covered by the Natural Disaster Compensation Scheme. This is a home insurance contract (multi-risk home insurance Which contains the hail warranty, which is a warranty that covers all damage caused by hail.

Residents of Hauts-Dups whose roofs and cars were destroyed by large hailstones like tangerines until July 27.To report their claim directly to their insurance company.

So there is no need to declare a natural disaster to be compensated by securing it. It’s thanks “Storm, hail and snow” guarantees that insurance companies will be directly compensated for this damage. Accuracy reported by Dobbs Governorate on its Facebook page.

A natural disaster situation is a special device specially developed to compensate for non-insurable damages such as floods or mudslides. These phenomena, for example, destroy uninsurable roads.

A simple difference that is hard to explain. On the Facebook page of Info Routes Haut-Doubs 25, many Internet users do not understand this post from the province.

FranceAssureurs specifies that you should not wait for an official declaration of a natural disaster to be compensated for damage caused by hail. “Your home insurance contract contains a hail guarantee that covers all damage caused by hail (roof damaged, furniture damaged by rain or hail following roof damage, etc.)” they point out to insurance companies.

Hence the publication of Dobbs’ deputy, Annie Ginvard, targeting insurers, not the state.

This is the third major episode of hail in French Comte since the start of a particularly hot and turbulent summer. Damage was already recorded in many areas of Franche Comte at the end of June and the beginning of July.

While waiting for insurance companies to be compensated, solidarity plays a full role in villages whose roofs were completely destroyed on July 20. This is to protect homes as quickly as possible.

People arrive from nearby villages to help make coffee and sandwiches. Agents from the commune community also come to lend a hand. Volunteers collect tiles.

Corinne Barati, Mayor of Noel Cerno

He also called on firefighters to show solidarity to continue their mobilization again this weekend. In some small towns, such as Noël-Cerneux, more than 90% of the roofs of this village of 470 inhabitants have been damaged.

The day after the accident, Dobbs Prefecture collectedThe elected officials involved are Patrick Jenner, mayors of Dubbs and Charles Pickard, mayors of Rural Dubbs.

Elected officials who will also support the affected municipalities. Exceptional financial allocations will be paid to them. Small towns had to buy tarpaulins to support the poorer population in the face of this important and impressive disaster.

The Governor of Doubs contacted the Doubs insurer association so that “their response is proportional to the historical nature of the damage observed.”

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