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Triple success of Minguettes, from System D to Bank Loans

“The suburbs have invaluable reserves of potential. If we realize this, we can go very far. Otherwise, we remain at the bottom of the towers.” Nader Oueslatia child from the Mingot district of Venice (Rhône), where the first suburban riots began in 1981, clung to cranes to found his small installation, logistics and site cleaning business in 2008.

They were (and still are) three with his brother, OwnerAnd the Walid Al-Hwaij. All of them put 500 euros in the capital. Their first step: Climb Fourvier Hill in Lyon. Says Nader, Director 6e Sense Global Services. This has become a small and medium-sized company with a turnover of 4 million euros, without asking any banker a single euro, even this year.

From Twingo to Sarkozy

For Leon’s three sons, aged thirty-six and forty-five, entrepreneurship is in tune with race, resourcefulness, black hands and fatigue. We didn’t need financial networks. We have grown by word of mouth, with profitable growth always ensuring our cash flow,” explains Nader Oueslati.

Winner of CCI’s Pépet program in Lyon, which was integrated in June into the support system for hyper-growth companies, 6e Sens employs 40 people – up to twice as many temporary workers – behind the scenes of the city’s major businesses: Radisson Tower, Hotel-Dieu, Part-Dieu Shopping Centre, La Doua Campus…

At first, the three partners rolled up their sleeves to remove rubble, install huts, or erect fences. The action took off Friday evening when Nader got a phone call from his former boss at Isor, another industrial cleaning company, offering him a job site in Val-d’Isère (Savoie). At Twingo a friend loaned him, they drove to the ski resort, and at 11 p.m., the deal was signed. It’s time to call all of his former suppliers to Isor: “We had no equipment, no money. They lent us everything until we got paid,” explains the top of the three entrepreneurs.

In 2010, 6e Sens Global Services, born in the free economic zone of one of the priority regions, was awarded the City of Lyon Award for Entrepreneurship. “Seeing people believe in us gave us the confidence to move forward.” They would go so far as to the Senate to receive the Talent des cités award in 2012. More than a check, Nader Oueslati retains the media coverage that changed clients’ perceptions: “They finally gave us the tasks Like a brigade of 80 people to clean the flooded cellars of the Polygone Riviera shopping center in Cagnes-sur-Mer, or a large urgent clean-up to receive President Sarkozy in Dijon.

‘fewer feelings’

“On my own, I wouldn’t have done anything,” says Nader Oueslati. Because the three men are so complete. Nader, the man in the field, liquidated his first and ephemeral company at the age of 24 in 2004: “I knew my job perfectly but didn’t know how to run a company. So I went to study management from within.”

He worked for four years at a traditional cleaning company, rose through the ranks, coach, operations manager, and sales manager, and met his future partner, Walid, who has a master’s degree in finance. The latter had paid his tuition fees by selling €5,800 business plan all linked to his licensing study project – Person Service. As for Malik, he is a BTS holder in international trade.

“I look like the boss I used to complain about more and more.”

The owner of OueslatiCommercial director

“But the anecdotes are a thing of the past,” notes Walid Al-Hwaij, Chief Financial Officer. “Today, there are fewer adventures, and fewer feelings,” he adds. “I’m more like the manager I’ve been complaining about,” Malek Oueslati admits. He criticizes young people who no longer attend meetings and young brothers in real estate “who no longer want their hands dirty”. “We knew we were going to have tough times, but the efforts would pay off,” he said.

“Suburban Arabic”

Walid Al-Hawij asserts: “I have never been a victim of myself behind my Arab origins in the suburbs, there is always room for those who want it.” However, Nader Oueslati admits that he chose “the construction industry because the mix is ​​strong there. At the construction site, there are all nationalities and religions. In this environment I feel comfortable.”

After three moves that took them from a garage in Vénissieux to a commercial complex in Décines, the trio is packing up for the fourth time this summer, heading to Feyzin, where 6e Sens Global Services buys its first headquarters, with its first loan, from €900,000. The entrepreneurs aim to generate €8 million in revenue in five years by expanding their business to the whole of France and by diversifying into wood recovery from pallets to building panels.

Key dates

2008: Create 6e Sense Global Services
2012: National Cities Talent Award

2016: 1 million euros in sales
2022: Petit Centurion of CCI in Lyon, in hyper-growth, first loan and first property purchase

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