Vaccination des enfants (UnlimPhotos)

Covid vaccine for children aged 5-11: more harm than good?

The famous Dr. John Campbell alerts the population with his analysis of the risk-benefit ratio of the vaccine in children.

Vaccination of children (UnlimPhotos)

The first analyzes in a very comprehensive study in Singapore during the same period show that 22 children showed serious side effects while only 5 showed severe COVID that warrants oxygen, and only one of them was not vaccinated. As for the dreaded complication of MIS-C, there were 6 cases in total, four of which were not vaccinated. So the results are very mixed, especially since the incidence of long-term COVID is reduced with Omicron.

Strong disagreements over vaccination in children

In response to the recent controversy in the UK, Dr Hamid Merchant of the University’s Department of Pharmacology, wrote an article published in March 2022, explaining why mass vaccination of young children should not be rushed and how another type of vaccination could be. useful, like Nasal COVID Vaccine Which should soon be approved “We should not rush into a one-size-fits-all approach, especially when there is a product that is more beneficial for children.”
The article is entitled Why aren’t COVID vaccinations for young children (5-11 years old) necessary right now? Published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice, it agrees with the findings of the UK Government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) not to propose a compulsory mass vaccination program and explains why current vaccines do not give the best results in children in terms of efficacy and safety.

Reasonable scientific discussion is prohibited

“Scientists and public health professionals often worry that discussing these issues publicly will jeopardize the uptake of the ‘classic’ vaccine,” said Dr. Merchant, “but it’s time to explain the vaccinology and the differences between different vaccine formulations, a number of vaccine products are now approved. by regulatory bodies. We shouldn’t rush into a one-size-fits-all approach, especially when there is a product that is more beneficial for children. »
“At the start of the vaccination programme, there was not enough information available, so by explaining how different vaccine formulations work and which are the safest medical conditions, we are allowing the public to enlighten Make informed decisions for the sake of their children.
Dr. Merchant believes it is imperative to continue studying the next generation of COVID vaccines for all those who, going forward, remain at high risk from emerging variables.
He explains that a more child-friendly vaccine formulation, such as the nasal COVID vaccine, should be approved. The Bharat Biotech Covid19 intranasal vaccine, for example, is in the “final” stage of development and could be ready soon if all goes well.

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