Rental properties: 3 advantages of furnished rents in 2022

Rental properties: 3 advantages of furnished rents in 2022

The real estate market is changing and furniture rents are on the rise. According to a study he did bursuramaThe The profitability of furnished rental properties by 7% between 2021 and 2022 in the first quarter. Furnished rentals have many advantages, both for friends where is the tenants.

In fact, the Furnished rentals They are generally signed for one to nine months, or even longer in some cases. This allows tenants not to feel too attached to the dwelling and to be able to change it more easily if necessary. In addition, the rents for furnished rentals are slightly higher than unfurnished ones, which allows owners to make their property profitable more quickly.

The advantage of furnished rent for the tenant

Furnished rent is very beneficial to the tenant from two points, especially with regard to the ease of the lease contract signed between the landlord and tenant. The furnished residence offers great flexibility of tenant access as well as savings.

The state has drawn up a useful lease in terms of law in order to allow people who do not yet have a fairly comfortable position to buy or allow housing Be able to rent accommodation for one year. Furnished rentals above all useful for students who often have a 9-month course (the lease can be reduced to this period for the student) and who may be required to relocate regularly.

Second Furnished rental feature It is to allow the tenant to move into “ready to use” accommodation. There he finds, in fact, everything he needs in his daily life and he only has to put his bags. This will allow him to save money on transportation, furnishing and installation costs.

Advantages of furnished rentals for the owner

The her It has more advantages in this furnished rental system. In fact, this type of lease allows him to take less risk. The lease contract is for one year compared to a minimum rent of 3 years in the dwelling unfurnished. For a student, a 9-month lease, gives him more flexibility. This allows the landlord to separate from their tenant more quickly in the event of a problem.

At the end of this lease, the landlord can amend it by adding or removing terms to re-offer it to the tenant, if the latter wishes to renew it. Otherwise, he will have to hand over the keys.

Big tax advantage

With regard to taxes, a furnished non-professional (LMNP) rental allows you to obtain benefits as defined in tax website. The owner has a choice between two cases: BIC, with flat tax and real BIC. By choosing the first solution of the fixed-price micro bic, it benefits from a 50% tax reduction on your property income if the sales volume does not exceed 32,900 euros. So it is also possible to choose the real bic case with many advantages. With this case, it is possible to deduct this fee from the income of that property.

The deduction relates to guardian fees, property insurance, credit interest, notary fees, work done on the property… and it allows you to benefit from 100% depreciation of the property and its furniture at 80%. one of the others LMNP benefits, If this is applied to service housing and is operated by a corporation, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of the Censi Bouvard Act.

The Furnished rentals It is on the rise, as it corresponds to a new way of life. The renters of furnished properties are now more demanding and looking for housing that meets their needs. They want to have quality housing that meets their expectations, which is what furnished rentals offer. For landlords, furnished rentals are an interesting investment.

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