Toulouse: These disturbing knife attacks

Toulouse: These disturbing knife attacks

Knife attacks still haunt Toulouse nights. Oftentimes, they are released, alarming the authorities who, despite the controls, and the severity of justice, see no improvement.

In the Toulouse subway, early on Saturday morning, he waved his knife to insult users who had passed by Jean Jaures station, wanting to “kill the PDs…” This 27-year-old was arrested by a police patrol, and was informed by security from Tissue. Three hours earlier, near a night bar in Saint-Aubin, a 26-year-old man also brandished his knife. “Drunk threatened the security of the facility and customers who were outside,” sums up a police officer. It was impossible to calm down, he had to be disarmed and awakened. This Sunday, this guy, not the thug who makes his name shine police files, was still in police custody.

These two examples from judicial news this weekend in July illustrate a reality: knives always come out of pockets at the same speed. “Threat and robbery. To commit violence,” sums up Prosecutor Samuel Volta Simon who admits that there is a “great tendency” for this phenomenon in everyday delinquency. The privacy of Toulouse? “I don’t think so. It’s in the big cities…”, the wise judge offers for the lack of numbers.

The city of Toulouse, which witnessed the death of Jeremy Rose, the pharmacy student who died on the sidewalk after an attack in 2011, is still affected by this often unexplained violence, where everything can or may not change in a matter of seconds. Suddenly we found ourselves threatened, and also paralyzed, Fabian tells us, still traumatized by being threatened, and robbed, at the beginning of July, a stone’s throw from the Capitol. And also for not being able to respond.

“The weapon of the poor is also fear”

“Escape, when possible, remains the best solution,” a combat sports teacher said, being careful when giving advice. “The knife is the weapon of the poor, and also the weapon of fear,” said a police officer with many years of experience on the street behind him. When slaps and punches in the past punctuated late-night feuds, everything changes today. “Knife, blow with an iron bar, violence escalates very quickly and insults on social networks do not help,” the prosecutor notes.

But the forces of order and justice are punished. A simple knife under your pants forms an outlet for a weapon, even if it’s a simple Opinel. The Assize Court does not underestimate the cases that take place in the pub. On Friday, an 18-year-old boy was sentenced. He planted a knife in the back of an acquaintance during a quarrel. “I was getting beaten up,” said this boy, yet softly. The joke would have failed. The gendarmerie responsible for the investigation question the truth of this rupture. But the defendant, who can appeal, will spend the next months behind bars: he was sentenced to 4 years in prison, of which 2 years are suspended.

No death “for a few centimeters …”

At the end of March, a motorist died in hospital three days after attacking him in the Papus district of Toulouse, the victim of a stab in the throat. The assailant, possibly linked to a heart attack, has since disappeared, despite the circuit’s security investigation.

This latest appeal along with other cases “for only a few centimeters,” warns Prosecutor Samuel Volta Simon, end up in the Assize Court, far from the Assize Court. Thus, this margin touched the chest at the beginning of July, during the fierce fighting that he had begun. Emergency services believed he was indicted when he was “urgently” evacuated to Burban Hospital. That same evening, he left the treatments! In the form of.

“Marginalized, often because of alcohol or drugs, undocumented and ready for anything to avoid expulsion often use knives, pity a policeman. They strike without thinking of the consequences.”

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