Nicole Delbin.  Letter from a medical student to the system board - Tribune Juive

Nicole Delbin. Letter from a medical student to the system board – Tribune Juive

Zoe Broder
19 rue Marshall Foch
38100 Grenoble

To the president and members
Izer Medical Syndicate Council
Building A, 1 Shanthorn comic strip
38700 no tronch

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Request an appointment to discuss the reasons why I discontinued my medical studies.

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen, Regular Counselors,
Dear professors, dear doctors, dear gentlemen,

student at 4e Medical year At the beginning of the school year 2021/2022, I recently received a letter from the school at the Faculty of Medicine of Grenoble regarding the end of the gap period (request after the law of August 5, 2021).

I answered the Dean of the College with his sincere thanks for giving me this time to reflect and for the kindness he has shown me; Then, with great regret, I announced to him my decision not to continue my medical studies after these three years and few months at his college. Here is the gist of my notes.

I make this decision very reluctantly, but in full conscience, and I hope with common sense, wisdom and rationality:

I have already devoted myself to medicine with the ambition of a running cure, always acting conscientiously, upright and honest towards it, without detracting from the Hippocratic Oath of Honor, an oath to which all are bound. I swear without having the feeling, the measure of importance, the results, and without being willing to honor all obligations, in all circumstances, and whatever the cost.

I deeply enjoy studying, I love learning how the human body and mind work, understanding diseases, and researching recent medical, scientific and technological advances to find those that will be able to benefit my patient. I like to cheer with the recovering patients and to listen and accompany everyone who needs it. You are ready to face the difficulties that characterize the path of the doctor.

Unfortunately, I feel today that the treatment I will be required to perform will not be compatible with my convictions, and that I will not be able to honor the Hippocratic oath which I will be required to take from my studies.

I believed that medicine had above all the supreme ambition to cure all people, at all costs, and that as a physician I would be free to act only in the interest of my patient, and out of respect to gather his consent. Free and enlightened, and guided by my knowledge, the wisdom I gained during my training, my experiences, and my ability to discern.

The past two years have shown me that medicine as it is practiced today (and will be practiced more and more) is not in keeping with the idea I had.

I always believed that I could carry out my profession, without pressure of any kind, and above all in complete independence from financial lobbyists, naively believing that the task of caring would resist the temptation of money, the call of power and the satisfaction of our ego as. The section confirms: “I will not allow myself to be swayed by the thirst for profit or the search for glory.”

We must also divide: I will give my care to the needy and whoever asks me to do so. » So how do we understand the refusal of care imposed during these two years? Indeed, how was it possible to advise against or even prevent people who need treatment from going to their doctor? How can we tell them, without taking the time to listen to them, to just stay or go home with Doliprane? How can we accept all of this knowing that simply welcoming, listening, and supporting the patient with compassion greatly contributes to their recovery and well-being?

We must also pronounce I will respect all people, their independence and their will, without any discrimination based on their circumstances or convictions. » But how can this promise be reconciled with the obligation imposed on patients to obtain a health clearance or previously give them a molecule with little hindsight in order to obtain the right to seek treatment?

In the present state of scientific data, would it be reasonable to require such a gesture from patients, health professionals, rather than students in health sectors, whose young age would have merited the application of a primary precautionary principle?

I also had a very bad experience when I saw colleagues in healthcare suspended in September 2021, without any regard or consideration for their previous service, dedication to patient service and loyalty to their organization. Can we bear to see them still have nothing to do with their refusal to go against their medical beliefs or arguments? However, these caregivers were willing to take other precautionary measures when contacting patients. Seeing all these professionals, who for so many years devoted themselves for the good of their neighbours, lost their jobs and social status, sometimes no longer able to provide for their families or even to get enough food, was for me great violence. (I have personally seen caregivers helping themselves get food out of trash cans.)

How to advertise again I will inform patients of the decisions envisaged, their causes and consequences. I will never deceive their trust, nor will I use the power inherited from circumstances to compel consciences. » Meanwhile, forcefully hurrying, under the influence of fear, toward an empirical cure for millions of people, by misusing their blind faith in medicine and the sciences that some experts represent. What insanity has it taken the medical community to accept all of this without blinking, in defiance of all the pre-2020 consensus principles?

How do you pronounce the following words? “I will maintain the independence required to perform my mission.” or “I will not allow myself to be affected by Thirst for profit or search for glory. »When we’ve all been able to see in those two years how corrupt the political and medical environment is sometimes, and that’s at the highest level, by pharmaceutical laboratories and private consulting firms?

There should be no misunderstanding: I do not doubt the integrity and honesty of the majority of doctors and caregivers in France. On the other hand, I now doubt most people will be able to step back and bravely take their oath when the situation gets a little complicated and their personal interests are at stake. I fear, unfortunately, a small handful of people of good standing is enough to spoil an entire system.

How do we explain to our patients that we can take unnecessary care of themselves (as is the case with the coronavirus vaccine for people who are not at risk of developing severe forms, especially children, adolescents and young adults) and useless to protect others (since with or without vaccines it makes no difference in transmission), while letting the industry that produces it reap €36.8 billion from this single product?

Finally how dare I swear “I do not intentionally provoke death” And you agree to leave people without care, old people dying far from their loved ones and in the utmost loneliness?

No, for sure, this drug we are offered to practice is in fact not the drug I had envisioned.

The family is shutting down, the emergency services are shutting down, colleagues are suffering, the sick are dying, from illness or abandonment…
This is not my definition of medicine.
I did not sign this.
Not giving up, cheating, or letting go of death.
Not to be a scapegoat for decisions that are no longer driven by our mission of caring and respecting our department, but rather by the lonely flaming ambition or madness of some individual.

So my decision is taken with regret, because I love medicine very much, it is my calling, but I deal with it with the wisdom that the scholars of the University inspire me:

“It is better for you not to make a vow than to make a vow and not fulfill it.”

I remain grateful for all the teachings I received during these three beautiful years. They were intellectually rich and will continue to be a wealth of useful knowledge and principles that will continue to accompany me.

I thank you for your attention, and I hope that my letter can raise questions or provide you with clarifications, I am entirely on my part at your disposal for a constructive discussion and ask you to accept, Mr., Ladies and Gentlemen ordinal Advisers, my sincere and respectful greetings.

Zoe Broder
student at 4e A year at the Faculty of Medicine of Grenoble

6 June 2022

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