Portrait d’un lauréat du concours de polytechnique : Erwin Poussi, ancien du PMK, fait briller l’étoile du Burkina

Photo of one of the laureates of the polytechnic competition: Erwin Bossi, former PMK president, lights up the star of Burkina Faso

Revealed to the public in 2020 thanks to his resounding success at the end of the school year, the year he was the first citizen of the Baccalaureate Series C and for the third time in a row, the best student in the second cycle of the Prytanée Militia do Kadiogo, Erwin Poussi is a young man for anyone he meets, and does not leave Anyone who is unaffected and whose condescension impresses.

Having seen green and not mature steps for a scholarship in order to fulfill his cherished wish of becoming an engineer, he will end up merging a preparatory semester in France for two years, and from this school he left the major and finally passed the entrance exam to the prestigious École Polytechnique in Paris. Unfortunately, due to a lack of financial resources to cover his tuition fees, Erwin has returned home and is now worried about seeing his opportunity pass before his eyes.

“You shouldn’t judge people by their appearance,” said Jean de la Fontaine. At first glance, the guy hardly shows anything exceptional. In the clothes of any young man of his generation, he looks like any ordinary being one meets in everyday life. And the more we noticed him, by his gait, his lively look, his charming smile, and the tone of his voice which at once indicated that he was in Europe and his plump face, the more comfortable we would be in his convictions, to deal with him. Young man enjoying life to the fullest. However, as soon as we had the opportunity to find out who he is and what he is doing, we fully took the measure of the old saying: “A habit does not make a monk.”

his childhood

Born to an engineer father and a manager mother, Irwin was raised in an educational mold based on the values ​​of responsibility, a high sense of work and respect for the elderly. Moreover, his father will tell us that “Erwin was not restless nor difficult to teach. You draw a line that you do not cross, and Erwin will not cross it. We raised him to respect others.”

Like any child of his age, Irwin would make a successful pass on the Bambi Elementary School benches. “It ranked third nationally in the Certificate of Primary Primary Studies (CEPE) in 2013,” he told us. After this remarkable success, he will enter Kadiogo Military Prytaneum for high school. It’s the beginning of a new life for little Irwin. He must now leave the family cocoon for his new family. Whoever until then leads a quiet and peaceful life without much disturbance, will ask himself a thousand and one times the question of what it is. “Bluing” in the sixth grade (military training for newcomers lasts 45 days), cleaning (morning sport) in the early morning, dropping (the act of an old hand washing his grooves to a younger one), housework- weeding, etc. The words that he will discover are not without difficulty. Military training is hard, the pace is intense, things are done quickly, and the rigor is top notch. Despite these circumstances, Irwin was still proficient in the class. He didn’t like military training, and even ‘in the eighth grade, he wanted to go home. I told him that after his BEPC we’ll see how far that is possible. When he succeeded, I told him again to keep going because I don’t know another school that teaches better,” says his father. It will eventually stay there on its second run.

Since the beginning of the school year, Irwin is now so used to the idea that PMK is his “end”, such that if he fails to avoid something one cannot escape, one must simply comply with and deal with it. From the second semester to the last year, he will win all the awards for excellence by being consecutively the top of his class and the best student in the second cycle. About the Lieutenant Colonel. Ismail K. Dory, the PMK commander at the time, said: “In addition to being excellent, Irwin is a symbol of humility as he fights for his comrades to be enlightened in the gray areas.” He will succeed in the 2020 baccalaureate “C” by rising to first place in Burkina Faso with an average of 17.04.

galleys after BAC

Erwin Posey, his prized bac in his pocket, would be offered a military scholarship offer to continue his studies, which he refused because the courses offered did not suit him. His most ardent wish is to later embrace a career as an aeronautical engineer (everything related to aviation, aircraft building, drones, satellites, etc.).

He initially thought that his position as the first baccalaureate student should normally be enough to obtain a scholarship to integrate Polytechnic University in order to realize his dream, but his disappointment was great when he saw that the state had no scholarships for this. I only offered Joseph K Zerbo University National Scholarships. Thus, after searching in vain for a scholarship that would allow him to undertake studies of his own choosing, Irwin realized that the best way not to be disappointed was to be self-reliant because the more time passed, the greater the chances of being an engineer they became slimmer.

He says this episode of his life was horrific. I felt frustrated. It is sad to see that here we do not appreciate the most deserving of things. I don’t know what Burkina has against distinction. Elsewhere, the support of the best after the baccalaureate is immediate.” To get out of trouble, he thus undertakes to deposit his files in the Preparatory Classes Portal for Major Schools (CPGE). Despite the excellent results he obtained, out of the 30 schools in which he applied, only two kept him This is how he will join France for preparatory classes in Physical Mathematics and Engineering Sciences (MPSI).

Two years in middle school

Erwin arrived in France one month late. He’ll have to jump on the bandwagon and adapt pretty quickly to risk a bad start and let his chances of becoming an engineer slip through his fingers. The director of the institution asks for an adjustment period so that he does not compose his scheduled math homework four days after his arrival and the latter replies, “You will have an adjustment period, but you are required to compose the homework” and your score will be calculated.

The principal’s answer is clear and very quickly, Erwin realizes that it is a test for this school. Since a native of Côte d’Ivoire from the same school was having great difficulty getting out of the game, the cliché that “Africans do not have the required level of science” has gained weight. Between the stress already lurking around stereotypes about Africans and the homework to be done, the former “PMkalist” realizes that every passing second is a waste of time. Then he spends sleepless nights so as not to lose face.

Due to his condition, some teachers play the card of indulgence and offer to dilute the homework that will be prepared specifically for him, but this is without knowing the insistence of the young Burkinabe. “My chemistry teacher told me to skip a lot of lessons to make it easier for me. But the problem is that you don’t have to tell me that. It’s as if he wants to say I’m not ready for it,” he told us with a grin. “In my math homework, I got 15/20 and the best mark was 16. My teacher told me what you just did is amazing,” he says.

At the end of MPSI’s first year, he joined the MP star class in Math and Physics, a class dedicated to the best first-year students, where the pace is hell. “In PM étoile you are given topics that are impossible to fully handle. Anyone who does even half the task has 20/20 and I can assure you that succeeding in this task is an obstacle course. However, I got there and even today, regardless of me No one has achieved this feat since this school existed.

Westerners did not believe it. They never imagined that an African could do this. At the end of the two semesters I finished the major with averages of 15 and 13 respectively. It was impossible to bypass. I took entrance exams in the best polytechnic schools in France. You passed all the exams and chose to join the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris, the best ever. It is even among the top 50 universities in the world in the Shanghai ranking,” confirms Erwin Busey.

his ambitions

After these two years of preparatory classes, Erwin returned with the hope of obtaining a scholarship to continue his studies at this world-renowned, prestigious French university. However, a problem arises because the university’s tuition fee is up to 38,000 euros for the four years that he must undertake of study. He intends to apply for the scholarships given to students in the preparatory class but is afraid to miss the offers to be made.

In fact, they found themselves on scholarship, in competition with students who attended integrated schools and averaged 15, 16, even 17; But their training is completely incomparable to what he had. In addition, even if he benefits from it, the value of the scholarships on the market is 2,000 euros per year. This can in no way cover the tuition fees of the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris.

Currently, Erwin returns to his country of origin and prays very fervently that the winds of Providence will blow in his favor and that the state will come to his rescue so that he can continue his engineering studies in France. The state must also do something for intellectual excellence in general.

The Polytechnic International Competition allocated 800 candidates of different nationalities including Chinese, Americans, other Europeans, and Africans from Morocco, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Tunisia, Cameroon… for 30 seats. Erwin managed to fly the Burkinabe flag during this competition.

This is a good performance that deserves to be encouraged. We must see in this boy an athlete who showed the quality of our education system to the eyes of the world. If the state does not help him to continue his studies at X (Polytechnic), Philippe Ouedraogo will always be as lonely and single as Burkina Faso who attended this school, but the merits of his success are due to him and to the Nigerian school that was formed. “The Burkina Faso education system did not train any students who attended this polytechnic.” Let’s do something for the sake of excellence and pay tribute to the teachers who trained her.

Arwan Compaore


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