Originaire du Tchad, Mouktar Mouaz a sauvé la vie d

Toulouse. “I thought he was going to die,” testifies Mokhtar, who saved a life but faces expulsion

Originally from Chad, Mokhtar Moaz saved the life of a man in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne). Two hours later, his future in France is threatened… (© Maxence Dourlen / Actu Toulouse)

An unfortunate “coincidence”... Wednesday 20 July 2022 Mukhtar Moazyoung from Chadpassed from a hero ” to me ” threatened with deportation “In a few hours. To ToulouseHis story influenced many of his colleagues as well as some members of the political class. a novel.

In France as a student

Mokhtar arrived in France in October 2018, and spent a year in Paris, before trying his luck At the University of Toulouse Jean Jaures.

Passionate about geography, the young man also works in the company Back to school discount for two semesters. “It allows me to pay all my expenses,” he explains.

fully integrated into the team and appreciated by his teammates, requester He just approved his first year at university after great efforts to keep pace. “It’s hard work, but I’m very happy with the success,” he says with a smile.

A man feels unwell at his workplace

Last Wednesday, around 6:50 a.m., Mokhtar started his work day alongside Mamadou, another employee of the company.

“We saw the delivery driver arriving two hours early,” the young man explains. “Suddenly, our captain started running because that guy just fell to the ground…”

In the hero’s shoes

Neither one nor two, the director decides to call emergency services. Meanwhile, the two men are training heart massage alternately. With advice from the firefighters over the phone, the pair persevered for several minutes.

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“I was afraid that this man was dead… I guess I would have felt guilty if we didn’t succeed…”

Mukhtar Moaz

A few minutes before help arrived, the man began to feel uncomfortable breathing again. “It was a relief to us,” Mokhtar continues. “He was unresponsive at first and then shook my hand before regaining consciousness.”

When the firefighters arrived, the man looked out of the woods. The student smiles: “It was such a relief, we thought we were heroes for a few minutes.”

Accompanied by Mamadou, Mokhtar proceeded to a heart massage for several minutes.
Accompanied by Mamadou, Mokhtar proceeded to a heart massage for several minutes. (© DR)

before he gets caught

Ephemeral joy, because the fate of the young man was about to change less than two hours later.

I saw three police officers arriving in civilian clothes while I was managing the reception. They had a copy of my residence permit, and that’s when I realized they would come for me…”

Mukhtar Moaz

Since then, things have gone very quickly for Muktar, who is in police custody at the Blagnac police station. “This arrest would have happened anyway,” his lawyer said. “But you have to admit it was brutal, after two hours of saving a life…”

An hour later, the Chadian found himself in detention center Cornebario administration. He had spent 48 hours there before being released to appear before the liberties and arrest judge. According to his lawyer, the circumstances of the arrest do not meet the legal requirements. This allowed him to be released pending a new settlement request.

For what motive?

But concretely, what are the reasons why this young man was not allowed to continue his stay in France? “I missed my first year of college,” he says wistfully. So they refused to extend my residence permit. I made a request, and thought he would, but in the end no…”

The only concern and not the least: the certificate of application for the extension of his residence permit is fake. As it is, he has not been allowed to remain on French soil since April 18. However, in the document, one can read there the date of October 18.

“I had no choice if I wanted to work,” Mukhtar laments, aware of his existence “Do something stupid.” His lawyer puts forward the shortcomings, particularly at the level of the Hauts-Garonne province, to advance the case in his favour.

A petition launched by his colleagues

The young man feels somewhat relieved after difficult hours, and can count on the constant support of his manager, as well as from his college professors.

“They are ready to give me my chance if my situation allows it. It pains me to see all this solidarity,” Mokhtar says. petition He was fired internally to support him, who soon became the reception manager. More than 150 people have already signed the document.

Solid State

It remains that the deputy (Nobis) of 1Dr Haute-Garonne circle, Hadrian ClouetI decided to move quickly to allow the young man to remain in France. “Mr. Clouet called the governor,” Elfred Dupuy Chapin explains to me. “It will keep me informed, but the situation can stabilize rather quickly…”

“The case is solid. Mr. Moaz does not pose any danger. He is fully integrated into society and his professional environment.”

Sir Elfred Dupuy Chapin

At the moment, the young man is patient in his home awaiting clarification of his situation.

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